Sunday, 3 August 2014

Although the security guard, injured a week ago, may be left with permanent damage to his eye, the tension between some users and the staff of the Régis-Fermier pool has not diminished. It has even increased a notch at the weekend. 
On Thursday, a special request was made to the management of the mengeotte pool. For troubles to no longer occur, "a man, who proclaimed himself to be the representative of the 'jeunes' who are creating problems" according to the Régis-Fermier management, asked if it was possible to bend the rules a bit. Specifically, so that 'jeunes' be allowed to enter wearing shorts. "According to him, the tensions could disappear if the rules were loosened for some people but also if one of the security guards could be replaced by a representative of the North African community chosen by themselves," said an astonished Régis-Fermier manager. 
The staff said further that he also demanded that consideration be given to allow mothers to enter wearing clothes, that is to say the djellaba, at the side of the pool… The reason: with the regulations, Muslims are excluded from the pools. An exception for the veil was also formulated. "There, we had to remind him of the law of 2010 prohibiting any religious sign in public places," says the general deputy manager of the Châlons local authority. "It's not the first time that demands of this nature have been made. What shocked us is that, faced with our refusal, threats were made, blackmail has been attempted. Clearly, no one should be surprised if tensions increase with the 'jeunes' in the pools..." 
...At the home of one of the security guards, a 'jeune' came to get payback after a session in the pool. Today, the security guard may lose his eye.


  1. Article in broken English and hard to follow. Feels like its been translated using an internet translation tool