Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The sign is displayed clearly on the counter of the shop. Place Racine, avenue de la Coudraie, avenue de Beauregard... these are places that will no longer be delivered to by the Domino's Pizza located in the centre of Poissy. Nine very precise addresses are thus stamped "No deliveries". Not because of distance, but the safety of staff.
"We have drawn up this list since the opening of the pizzeria, in March 2012, following problems encountered by our delivery staff," explains the substitute manager of the franchise. The most recent incident took place a few months ago, on avenue du Maréchal-Lyautey, where a person tried to steal the scooter while the delivery worker was delivering the pizza. On Rue Aigremont, it was no longer a question of theft, but of a scooter being burned. "And, in la Coudraie, we had our delivery worker who couldn't get out of the buildings and no one wanted to open to him," continues the manager.
Although this decision is a safety measure, for some inhabitants, it remains intolerable. "When you have a business, you should deliver without discrimination," exclaims Mohamed Ragoubi, spokesperson of the association of inhabitants of la Coudraie, an estate located in upper Poissy.
Source: Le Parisien


  1. Can someone tell me more about why they won't deliver to these places (the article is in French)? What happened?

  2. Violence, harassment, theft, basically. I've translated a bit more.

  3. Hey "Godless", it looks like you are "clueless" as well.