Thursday, 28 August 2014

src="//" width="853"> Here's what Douglas Carswell had to say about immigration in the speech he gave at his press conference.
On the subject of immigration, I am not against immigration. The one thing more ugly than nativism is angry nativism. Just like Australia and Switzerland, we must welcome those who want to come here to contribute. We need their skills and drive. There's hardly a hospital, a GP's surgery, a London bus, a supermarket that would run without that skill and drive. We should speak with pride and real respect about first generation Britons. But like Australia surely it's reasonable that we should be able to decide who comes.
Carswell, like his friend Daniel Hannan, was one of the founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association, who charter commits its members to lobby for Turkey to be offered EU membership. It was, and remains, an extraordinary paradox that these two, who spend so much of their time arguing that Britain should leave the European Union, devote almost as much time to trying to get Turkey into it. Perhaps he will now found a UKIP Friends of Turkey association. It would have been nice if Carswell had deigned to explain why he thinks nativism is ugly. I, by contrast, think that people contemplating the uniqueness of their ancestors, the land they lived in and the society they built there, and wishing to cherish and preserve their traditions and distinctiveness, is something moral and wholesome and beautiful, not ugly in the least. And the only reason we "nativists" become angry is that we are misruled by bigots (yes, that is the correct meaning of the word) like Douglas Carswell who impose their warped sense of ethics upon us, effecting a slow-motion genocide on the peoples of Europe, and, implicitly, if their ideology was taken upon worldwide, upon all other peoples too. His perverse universalism and his conceptualisation of a country as a vast economic machine in which human beings are mere interchangeable inputs, resources to be employed to make the machine go faster, is inherently genocidal in that it denies peoples the right to their own distinctiveness and therefore to exist.


  1. I'd love your thoughts on this Cheradenine, considering you undoubtedly know far more than me on the subject and given your (I believe) Scottish heritage:

    My uneducated opinion (I know very little on the topic) is that this is more desperate historical whitewashing to make the foundations of the US more palatable to sensitive liberal hand-wringers. It contains a lot of conjecture.

    Anyway, you might find it interesting.

  2. Interesting. Never heard that one before. It's probably like the claiming credit for all the "inventions" thing. I was reading something about genetic relatedness recently by an author arguing that virtually all modern Europeans are descended from Charlemagne and that, if you go back far enough, almost everyone is related to everyone else. I might post about it in future.

  3. Very good, very true! The UKIP of course are a bunch of no good libertarian pricks, who worship mammon and the lord of mammon, that is the Devil himself. They might be helpful in breaking apart the EU-prison of nations-empire, but thats it.

  4. He enters UKIP as a subverter, not an ally.