Wednesday, 20 August 2014

There is no doubt that Jewish intellectuals and activists have played a major role in creating the complex of ideas that has favoured the mass immigration of non-European peoples into European societies, in effect opening the gates to Mohammedanism, among other evils. But to what extent did or do ordinary Jews share these views? Here are some extracts from a book called "London Jewry and London Politics 1889 - 1986" that cast an interesting, and, to me, unexpected, light on this question.

This suggests that the pro-diversity activism of Jewish intellectuals and, to some extent, their notionally representative organisations, was not widely supported by ordinary Jews. In turn, this raises the issue of the extent to which "Jews" can be held accountable for the actions of elite Jewish intellectuals or nominally Jewish organisations.

It's a bit like the question of whether it is right to hold ordinary Muslims accountable for the actions of violent Jihadists. It seems to me that the right way to approach the question is from the perspective of the indigenous people contemplating the possibility of having an exogenous group living amongst them. The relevant question is: what bad things are going to happen to us if we allow this people to share our land that wouldn't happen to us if we kept or drove them out?

History tells us that if you have Muslims living amongst you, you are going to have jihad. A certain percentage, even if a small one, of Muslims will always be drawn to jihad. Even if those involved represent a minuscule share of the overall Muslim population, they can still have a significantly detrimental effect.

Similarly, history tells us that if you have (emancipated) Jews living amongst you, a certain percentage, even if a small one, will become influential intellectuals, journalists, academics, lawyers and politicans who will use their power they acquire to create, advocate and implement ideas that subtly denigrate and undermine the traditional culture, character and power configuration of your country, portraying it as somehow pathological and in need of "healing" through disruptive, even destructive, transformation. Even if those involved represent a minuscule share of the overall Jewish population, they can still have a significantly detrimental effect.

In both cases, therefore, it is reasonable for indigenous European peoples to conclude that we simply don't need the grief, we don't care whether it's a tiny minority or not: we just don't want the problems we know you are going to cause us therefore we're not going to let you in or we're going to politely ask you to leave.


  1. I disagree.

    When the allies bombed Germany they said: About 50% of the Germans voted for Hitler, thats why they are guilty. The other half did not kill Hitler, so they must like Hitler and his methods, so therefore they are guilty too.

    I demand "tu quoque".

    A few jews demand the eradication of the White race (Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, Menachem Rosensaft, Susan Sonntag - to name a few) - they are guilty.

    But what about the rest of the jews? They do not oppose them, even though they are our neighbours. So they support the White-hating jews by not-acting, not-opposing. So they are guilty too.

  2. Re the point raised by Anonymous @ 20 August 19:35: Barack Hussein Obama, whose Moslem parentage and upbringing, racial prejudice and Marxist views were apparent via the Internet before he even ran for the office, was partly elected with the help of a majority of the American Jewish vote (78% in the 2008 Presidential election) and by the time of his second election in 2012 his destructive policies for the American public and in the international field were clear, yet he still received a majority Jewish vote (67%, the lesser percentage being due, it seems, to his perceived lack of total support for Israel, which also underpins what is the central concern of American Jews). Considering what is also known of the Jewish lobby organisations in the US (their commitment to ongoing wars in Middle Eastern countries designed to destabilise that entire region) and of how the ethnic genocide in the Ukraine is populated with Jews in decisive policy positions (in the US, UK, EU and Ukraine itself), there is not much distinction between Jews in positions of influence and power and those Jews who believe their 'liberal' views are laudatory and not destructive to their host societies, countries and civilisations.

  3. I just couldn't figure out why there were so many Jews who seemed to promote multicult and 3rd world immigration. Just didn't make sense to me. I guessed that they felt that if there were a lot of low grade immigrants around the Jews figured they'd get less attention should nationalistic feelings be on the rise. Possibly not one of my best guesses.

  4. Ah, ah, ah. English pragmatism.
    I've never considered things this way.

    Personally, I recognize the right to anyone (and to any Jew) to be stupid as a leftist glue sniffer. What is unbearable to me is the dishonesty of the double standard.
    For nearly all the prominent Jews (and what share of the ordinary ones ?), Israel is free and legitimate to DO everything. For the same bastards, any DEBATE in Europe is already a crime, the return of the fascism, the darkest hours of our history, and so on.
    (I can't even imagine what we'd have heard if just one negress had been sterilized entering in France, or if we had built the biggest retention camp of the world.)

  5. The Jewish theological view of Negroes is best expressed in Maimonides's writings which are given enormous respect in classical judaism and in which the black is regarded as not fully human. Also, the role of the Jews in the slave trade in the Ancient world (pre-Christian) and their significant (but deliberately unpublicised) part along with the Moslems in slaving Western Europeans, as well as Africans, into the Middle East slave markets and also the US, probably plays an almost subconscious role in the minds of many Jews when relating to or engaged in 'white flight' from blacks. Also, Jews figured significantly amongst plantation owners in the American South and were largely absent from the Abolitionist Movement which led to the Emancipation of slaves in the US. They only seemed to have addressed the issue in the mid-20th century, perhaps partly to win black support for Israel, but also as an assault on majority white cultures (Jews helped to form Mandela's movement in South Africa). It's a very involved issue and Jews are noticeably unwilling to address their own part in slavery throughout history.