Monday, 25 August 2014

A British politician has floated the idea of facilitating Turkey’s stalled European Union membership bid in order to encourage the full membership candidate to put up a stronger fight against the jihadist militants. 
“Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said that Turkey had a ‘vital role to play in preventing the free passage of jihadists travelling to … join Islamic State,’” the U.K. daily newspaper Guardian reported over the weekend. 
“Campbell, a member of the House of Commons intelligence and security committee, said there should be a ‘full-scale diplomatic initiative’ to draw Turkey closer towards the EU, and moves to offer it a faster route toward membership in return for its full cooperation in the fight against ISIS,” The Guardian said, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which recently renamed itsef the Islamic State (IS).

This really is the essence of the appeasement mentality. Another country harms your interests and rather than take vigorous retaliatory action, you offer it a reward for having harmed you, thus encouraging further aggressive action against you in future. Before, Turkey was deliberately letting hordes of (often Muslim) immigrants into Europe, then promised to reduce the flood a bit if they got visa-free travel to Europe. That was a shocking act of blackmail that ought to have provoked the immediate termination of Turkey's EU candidacy. Instead, spineless European politicians submitted to the extortion and gave Turkey what it wanted. Now they want to reward Turkey again, this time for giving state aid to Islamic State!


  1. But the turks will not want this! They now have their eyes on a far greater prize, that is the great semi-global sunni caliphate itself! No, not the childish gangster caliphate of Baghdadi and his fanatic goons, but a true islamic federation going from the islamic fringes of western China to the heartlands of the Middle East and the greater part of north Africa.

    This they will lead on their own, not wanting to become part of the weird and soon broke post-modern failed utopia of Brussels, which anyways is a sort of german empire servile to american and jewish interests.

    And Washington (and Brussels) will support this, thinking they can create another union like the EU to remote control and instigate against Russia and China. The turks however will soon bite the hand that feeds them!