Monday, 7 July 2014

Turkish authorities are supporting Salafist terror fighters to a much greater extent than was previously known. According to research done by the new magazine FOCUS, the holy warriors are not only being provided with military equipment in Turkey, but are receiving intensive medical treatment for their injuries in Turkish hospitals. So, for example, in the city hospital in Kilis, Syrian fighters have their own exclusive section. 30 to 40 heavily injured jihadists are treated there by Turkish doctors. After their stay in the hospital, they travel unhindered back over the border to Syria. FOCUS has learned from sources in the intelligence services that the German Salafist, alias Deso Dogg, as well as the high-ranking ISIS commander Mazen Ebu Mohammed, were treated for gunshot injuries in Turkey.
Source: Focus


  1. Tis was covered by the British National Party Scottish website a few weeks ago. Here is the link to the article

    May I also suggest that the Scottish BNP Facebook page is a very well presented site with good articles covering Nationalism in the UK, European and of course the never ending Islamic issue