Tuesday, 8 July 2014

When they sign a contract, female employees are forced to also agree to a ban on marriage (5 years). Whoever is in the company for longer than 5 years must nonetheless ask the boss for permission if they intend to get married. 
► Whoever is pregnant, is sacked immediately. Termination can take place as soon as the boss notices his employee is pregnant. 
► In their private life, female employees may not appear with men in public unless they are their fathers, brothers or husbands. 
► The ITF [trade union] has reports that female employees have been sacked because of photos they have posted on Facebook. 
► Crew members are strongly prohibited from entering a bar in uniform - even when they only want to drink a glass of water. Even chewing chewing gum or using mobile phones is banned when work clothing is being worn. 
A Qatar Airways air stewardess says: "You can ask anyone in the crew, no one is happy here. Most of them only stay for a short time, leave or those who stay longer do it because they need a job desperately to support their families at home. 100% of the air stewards are foreigners. There are no Qataris here." 
The employee reports of cameras in the shared accommodation where they spend the night. Every step is monitored. Whoever enters or leaves the accommodation can only do it with a chip card. 
"There are checks in the rooms. If anyone hides alcohol, cigarettes, products made from pokr or anything not allowed, they're sacked immediately," says the employee, who wishes to remain anonymous. 
Employees who are sacked in the first two working years have to pay a penalty, the stewardess goes on. "Many people can't do that." And without permission from Qatar Airways, the sacked employees can't leave Qatar. They often have to wait months without pay for permission to leave.
Source: Bild.de

Just to be clear, these aren't Arab women. Many of them are Europeans.


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