Monday, 14 July 2014

As many as a thousand boys aged 13 to 16 have disappeared from the registered school system in East London after their parents sent them to illegal religious schools where English is not spoken and academic subjects are not taught.  
...Former pupils at the Hackney schools told Dispatches that they spoke entirely in Yiddish and that secular subjects were not taught.  
“I didn’t even know what the word science meant. I hadn’t heard this word before,” said one. The former pupils said that one of the purposes of the schools was to ensure that children lacked any knowledge or skills which might enable them to leave the Orthodox enclave and lead a normal adult life outside.  
“I was told terrible things about non-Jews,” said one former pupil. “In order to keep such a vast number of people enclosed, they are indoctrinating from a very young age that everything outside is bad and evil. We didn’t come out with anything we could use in daily life or in the future. It bothers me that children are being taught so much lies and rubbish about the outside world.”

Source: Telegraph

So far, so familiar. But these aren't Muslim pupils. They're Jews

Government documents obtained by Channel 4’s Dispatches and the Jewish Chronicle newspaper say that many of the schools are “operating illegally and without the most basic health, safety and child welfare checks”. 
Many boys in the Orthodox Jewish community in Stamford Hill, London, “will stop secular studies at the age of 13 or 14 and start attending ‘yeshivas’ where the curriculum is solely religious,” the documents say. 
Between 800 and 1000 boys aged between 13 and 16 are “missing” from the school system in the borough of Hackney alone, the papers add.

There's a documentary on Channel 4 tonight about this. Do you think the CounterJewhad movement will pick this story up, as they undoubtedly would if those involved were Muslims? Think Vlad Tepes will be posting the video on his site?


  1. Once again, Andrew Gilligan appears to be the only genuine journalist at the DT. This is not the first article on Jewish schools (yeshivas); the DT did a more extensive report on these yeshivas, and the Orthodox Jewish community in London, some 2/3 years ago and, reading through the article, one realised how seriously deprived the Jewish schoolchildren were in terms of modern educational needs and standards. The comments to that article were also revealing of the abuse (sexual and mental) of such restrictive, indoctrinating education along strictly theological lines and how ill-prepared these youths were for participating naturally and fully in the larger world of Britain and the West overall. Reading through the comments to Gilligan's article, I see that the Jewish apologists have deftly avoided the debilitating effects of yeshiva schools (and deliberately ignored Judaic/Talmudic teachings out of which Islam developed some of its precepts --- view of 'the other' {essentially, non-human}, paedophilia, deceit, an unbalanced code of morality slanted in favour of its own adherents, a state of warfare {economic, social, political, theological} ) by stating that Judaism and Jews do not produce 'terrorism' whereas, Moslems do (although everyone ignores the mandate that Jihad can take non-violent as well as violent form so long as the goal is the eventual triumph of the ideology, as does tikkun olam in Judaism, the striving the 'repair' the world to the advantage of its adherents in a dominant position. The negative effects which Jews' 'soft jihad' has had on Britain and British law, culture, economy, politics, etc is totally ignored in such comments. Think how often the Counterjihad raises the issue of how the Islamisation of the West is taking place relatively peacefully, rather than through pitched battles on the streets --- it is the same with both ideologies, but in the case of Judaism, there is far more ignorance of its teachings and its poltiical manouevrings in the West, so people do not see the larger picture and cannot understand that each ideology is actually accommodating the other's goals. If they achieve their goals, it will prove scant consolation to the deprived and enslaved Westerners if the Jews and Moslems eventually wage internecine warfare against one another (historically, the two groups have worked together, and are doing so now, at least in the West).

  2. Vlad Tepes? He commented at JhadWatch that "Zionism will save the world!" He provides many of the videos up at GatesofVienna.

  3. Same thing in Montréal (Québec) :