Sunday, 6 July 2014

I once wrote a post making the point that all of our politicians of recent decades were, in effect, Jimmy Saviles, feigning friendliness and concern in public, while committing the most atrocious crimes - like genocide - behind the facade. I mean the comparison metaphorically. But it now seems it may have been true literally.

For the last few years, rape and paedophilia accusations against ageing celebrities have been bubbling up in Britain. Mostly this relates to showbiz personalities: television presenters, DJs, musicians. Allegations were made against these people at the time and since but were suppressed by the powers that be. Now it seems that something similar was happening with politicians. Indeed, the succession of scandals strongly suggests that paedophiles actively seek out professions where they will be able to commit their crimes and get away with it - and that profession includes politics.

It has emerged that a dossier of paedophilia allegations involving senior politicians - government ministers and household names - was presented to the Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the 1980s, and promptly disappeared. Along with 114 other documents related to the case. The identity of most of the politicians involved - the ones that are still alive - has not been reported in the press, although they clearly do know who at least some of them are. The allegations are particularly serious in relation to one Labour peer. It is a matter of public record that the Labour peer Greville Janner had his home searched by police in December last year in relation to historic accusations of paedophilia.
Police investigating allegations of historic child abuse linked to children’s homes in Leicestershire have searched the home of the Labour peer Greville Janner. Lord Janner’s legal team confirmed on Friday that he was assisting police with their inquiries after officers reportedly spent several days searching his home in Golders Green, north London. 
The 85-year-old, who served as an MP in Leicester for 27 years, has not been arrested and police did not indicate what was taken away from the flat. 
The father-of-three was accused of child abuse in a court case in 1991 but was not prosecuted and was given all-party support in the House of Commons when he described his ordeal and said there was “not a shred of truth” in the claims against him.
Source: Independent

Another search of his home apparently took place a couple of weeks ago. Leicester is expected to be (or may in fact already be) the first British city where brown people become a majority. Greville Janner is a Jew who was known for being a professional "anti-antisemite".
He was President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main representative body of British Jewry, from 1979 to 1985, and is a key international figure in efforts to seek compensation and restitution for Holocaust victims. He was instrumental in arranging the 1997 London Nazi Looted Gold conference.

Leon Brittan, the Home Secretary who allegedly buried the dossier, is also a Jew, one of the members of Margaret Thatcher's entourage that prompted former Prime Minister Harold MacMillan to quip that her cabinet was "more old Estonian than old Etonian".

So what do we have here? The most famous Jewish politician in Britain of his day, THE go-to guy on "antisemitism" for decades, is involved in raping more than a dozen British children. A substantial dossier is presented to the authorities, and a Jewish Home Secretary covers it up, a Jewish Home Secretary, incidentally, who has also recently been interviewed in relation to historic accusations of sexual abuse.

This is potentially a Jewish scandal of epic proportions. But will they succeed in covering it up?

Again, you can imagine how the CounterJewhad movement would be all over this if a famous Muslim politician who had spent his life campaigning against "Islamophobia" was later shown to have been involved in lifelong abuse of kuffar children; and another Muslim politician, nominally of the opposing party, covered it up. But it being from the other group of Orientals, we can be sure they won't be interested.

UPDATE: I am making a separate post about Greville Janner's shady past here.

UPDATE 2: This gets murkier and murkier. It seems not only was a Jewish Home Secretary involved in shielding Janner, but a Jewish Director of Public Prosecutions protected him when one of Janner's alleged victims publicly accused him. The victim, Frank Beck, then died mysteriously shortly afterwards. There is some good information about this here.

UPDATE 3: It looks like he's going to get away with it. Again.


  1. The jew Malcolm Leslie Rifkin who is currently Chairman of The Intelligence and Security Committee is Leon Brittan's cousin.

    Brittan is also Clegg's sugar-daddy, which is why Clegg have been desperately trying to block a real inquiry every step of the way. He even said the police should be "free" to investigate, knowing that unless there is a 'hillsborough style' inquiry the intelligence community (especially with a guy like Rifkin running things) can step in and stop the investigation any time they want, as they have done so many times in the past.

    Clegg is finally showing his true colors.