Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Much of the world again seems to be greatly excited by events in and around Israel. Predictably, the Jews have again filled up our newspapers with claims that we are antisemitic because we don't care enough about rockets being fired on Israel, or something.

They ask why it is that so much attention is focused on Israel while seemingly more atrocious events elsewhere, in Iraq, Syria, Africa, etc. do not provoke the same level of outrage or interest. This is a fair question. The answer they give to it is, of course: antisemitism. But the real answer, I would suggest, is anti-Europeanism. Very simply, white people are held to higher standards than non-white people. And Jews are perceived as being white people. The conflict between Israel and the "Palestinians" is therefore seen through the now well-established prism of white people doing bad things to brown people. The irony, of course, is that Jews themselves played a lead role in establishing anti-Europeanism as the dominant ideology of the world. Now they find it has come back to bite them.

Nor is this instance - of a Jewish manipulation working to their own disadvantage - exceptional. Some critics of Jews tend to vastly exaggerate their power, intelligence and skill. They portray Jews as monolithic, masterful and almost flawless in their manipulations, as if they had anticipated every eventuality. In fact, the historical record is replete with examples of how Jews dreamed up some scheme to ward off "antisemitism" and the result ended up worse for the Jews than if they had simply sat back and done nothing at all.

More examples: The Jews acted as collaborators in and perhaps instigators of the Muslim invasion of Spain. They believed the Muslims would help them counter Christian "antisemitism". In the end, the Muslims brutally persecuted the Jews. And when the Spanish took their country back, they expelled all of the Muslims and all of the Jews.

In 19th century Germany, Jews supported the unification of the smaller German states under Prussian leadership despite strong misgivings among the indigenous peoples in those states. The Jews believed Prussia was more enlightened and tolerant than the other German states and would imprint this spirit on the new Germany. In fact, it was the spirit of Prussian militarism that was imparted to the new Germany, paving the way for Hitler.

Communist ideology called for the almost total erasure of European civilisation as it then existed, including the wipe-out of Christianity. Given the vastly disproportionate Jewish involvement in its spread and implementation, it could be perceived as a form of Judaic aggression against Europeans and undoubtedly was perceived as such by many central and eastern Europeans. Although the Communist regimes may initially have been favourable to the interests of Jews, such overt Jewish domination provoked a reaction. Ultimately, even dictatorial regimes were forced to yield to the force of popular sentiment and they, too, turned "antisemitic". The Holocaust was another part of the reaction.

Jews played a lead role in pushing multiculturalism and diversity, and in stymieing challenges to it by playing the Hitler card, because they believed they would be safer in countries where there were no longer European ethnic majorities that could be mobilised against them. The attacks on Jewish shops and synagogues by enraged Muslims in France this week have shown how badly misjudged that scheme was. The incidents have now prompted open discussion by prominent Jews about the need to leave France.

So, again and again, the Jews have catastrophically miscalculated in their plans aimed at warding off "antisemitism". They create Frankenstein monsters that then come back to devour them. And it is their successful promotion of animus against "white people" that largely explains the emotional fervour of the present-day denunciations of Israel, not "antisemitism".

Maybe one day Jews will ask themselves if they would not be safer if they simply stopped scheming.

I'm intrigued by the thought that the Counterjihad movement will one day end up being considered another Jewish Frankenstein monster. It is clearly Jewish-dominated. Most of the major figures in it are Jewish. The financial backers of Horowitz/Spencer/Gatestone are all Jewish. The few major figures in it that aren't themselves Hebrews, like Fjordman, are kept on a Jewish leash through financial backers like Daniel Pipes. And they've certainly done good work in raising awareness about the iniquities of Islam. But anyone who looks carefully into the islamisation of the western world can't help but notice the facilitating role Jews have played in it. I am a living example of a person who has "graduated" from the Counterjihad movement to acquire a broader understanding of the forces operating to attack and undermine European civilisation. And there must be many more people going on a similar journey.


  1. Cheradenine
    i think your writing is a great example of envy.
    you r frustrated that your struggle- counter jihad - is lead by so many jews.
    u see them everywhere. they excel in every field and u just can't take it any more.
    well, Cheradenine, u better focus on your culture survival.
    the dwindling jewish population of europe is not really the problem, only in darkness little mind.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA5Y-4qim6U&x-yt-cl=71369012&x-yt-ts=1405628318

    Pat Condell doesn't agree with you.
    Glad to see you're posting again

  3. Well I managed to stick out 2 minutes of the video before I got bored of the content and tone. But I'm not sure what the point of disagreement between me and him is supposed to be. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

    1. There are (at least) two sides to every story.
      Here's another eye opener....


  4. Fjordman is indeed very jewish looking at pictures of him as well as his father prove this to my satisfaction. But anyway nice article overall.

  5. I have been seeing a lot of reference to Jewish manipulation of Western Culture and I would like to learn about it. However, I hope you would understand that I need an objective source. Do you have any suggestions? I also see a lot of reference to Eisenhower's 'holocaust' of 1.7 million German POW's after then end of WW II, but I am having trouble pinning down credible sources.

    1. Read Kevin MacDonald's books, especially Culture of Critique. His website is also a good resource.

  6. To Anonymous @ 23 July 05:03: The best source is the book "OTHER LOSSES" by James Bacque, originally published in 1989 by Stoddart Publishing Co, Canada and which is available at Amazon and Abebooks. Its subtitle is: The Shocking Truth behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers and Civilians under General Eisenhower's Command. A website, with photos and charts from the book, including eyewitness commentary by officers and enlisted men under Eisenhower's command at the time, is at:


  7. CZ's other, earlier site, Islamversuseurope.blogspot is an excellent source for articles re Jewish activities re Western civilisation (with Jewish and non-Jewish sources).