Thursday, 31 July 2014

He is "dismayed" by the image that currently confronts him in Saarbrücken's Großherzog-Friedrich-Straße, explained the deacon of the evangelical Saar-West church group, Christian Weyer, on Friday. A flag of the jihadist group "Islamic state in Iraq and in Syria" (ISIS) has been hanging for weeks on the balcony of a private residence. "It is intolerable that the flag of a terrorist organisation is being flown unhindered," said Weyer emphatically.
 ... The representative of the Assyrian cultural association Saarlouis is similarly indignant. "We Assyrian Christians feel deeply hurt and concerned that in the middle of the city the symbol and mass murder and genocide of our fellow Christians can be publicly displayed," explained Charli Kanoun from the cultural association. The authorities are forced to watch helplessly "while terror is glorified," said Kanoun, enraged.   
In fact, the authorities have not been able to do anything about the flag until now. An inquiry by the state prosecutor determined that the flag is not illegal, said a police spokesman. ISIS itself is not banned in Germany. 
...The Saarbrücken city government is now checking to see whether the flag could be taken down on public order grounds.

Source: sr-online


  1. Muslims are becoming bolder as multitudes of them flood deliberately into Western Europe with two singular goals

    1. To benefit from Western Duropes growth
    2. To take part in the land grab by stealth of Western Europe in to
    the Islamic perverted world

    It is time we the people rose up in greater numbers and voted in Nationalist town and city councillors then through to the national elections. We must take control, re institute border controls and tear down the EU monster.

    Then ban all Muslim immigration and start deportations. We must remember as stated on other websites that there is another 800,000 more Muslims along the North Affican coast waiting to flood across in boats.

    We are being invaded by an enemy......wake up Europe