Sunday, 27 July 2014

Directly in front of Duisburg town hall, the PRO NRW councillor and leader of the parliamentary delegation Mario Malonn was attacked and brutally beaten up by left-wing extremists completely without provocation. 
Malonn suffered multiple bruises over his whole body as well as a facial injury. He had to receive outpatient treatment in hospital. The Duisburg criminal investigation office has begun its investigations. The violent perpetrators were two brutal thugs from the militant leftist milieu. They apparently recognised Malonn and immediately began to beat him up, completely without provocation. Afterwards they fled. 
Regarding the attack on the Duisburg PRO NRW parliamentary faction leader Mario Malonn, the party leader of PRO NRW Markus Beisicht, issued the following statement: 
"Again the seed is bearing fruit. Democrats who think differently are beaten up and hospitalised by far-left militants. There has, of course, been a deathly silence about the incident in the media. Almost all methods are permitted in the struggle against the Right. Far-left fruitloops are also incited to actions of this type by the unspeakable inflammatory rhetoric against PRO NRW from establishment politicians and their allies in the media. It seems to be politically correct to use violence against supposed racists and supposedly human-hating Islam haters. I can only say: stop it before it gets worse! Violence should never be a tool used in political confrontation. I also wish the victim of this perfidious attack a quick recovery and continued strong nerves."
Source: PRO NRW Via: Unzensuriert


  1. And by their fruits they shall be know. Europe is riddled with an anti democratic far-left alliance with the hoardds of militant Muslims who are flooding into Europe as a bridge head, awaiting the millions behind them.

    It is time for democrats to join with Patriotic Nationalists to defnd democracy and Europe