Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Anne-Sophie Leclère, former head of the Front National list for the local elections in Rethel (Ardennes), has today been sentenced by the court in Cayenne to nine months in prison and 5 years of ineligibility for having compared the Ministers for Home Affairs, Christiane Taubira, to an ape. 
The court, acting on a complaint from the Guyanese movement Walwari, went beyond the demands of the prosecutor in pronouncing this sentence, added to a 50,000 euro fine. It also condemned the Front national to pay a 30,000 euros fine.
Source: Le Figaro

They are waging war on us through the courts.

The former candidate is shown on the left. The captions read: At 18 months             Now


France‘s National Front (FN) party on Wednesday reacted furiously to the sentencing of a former party member to nine months in jail for a racist jibe targeting Justice Minister Christiane Taubira. 
A court in French Guiana - a French territory in South America, where Taubira was born - on Tuesday convicted former FN local election candidate Anne-Sophie Leclere of racism for comparing the minister to a monkey on Facebook. 
Leclere‘s sentence, which came with a fine of 50,000 euros (68,000 dollars), was seen as unusually harsh. The public prosecutor had asked for a four-month sentence. 
The court also fined the FN 30,000 euros, even though the party had expelled Leclere over the Taubira jibe. 
Marine Le Pen‘s party accused the court of a "judicial ambush," saying neither the party nor Leclere had been able to organize a proper defence in the remote court in the town of Cayenne. "This must be one of the harshest sentences in a case involving freedom of expression for a long time," the party said in a statement, calling the outcome "revolting." 
Both the party and Leclere announced plans to appeal. "It‘s totally disproportionate, I was very shocked on hearing the ruling," Leclere, who runs a shop in the town of Rethel near the border with Belgium, told AFP news agency.


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