Monday, 7 July 2014

To recap, Amina was the Tunisian girl who provoked controversy by posting topless pictures of herself. She claimed an affiliaton with Femen then later distanced herself from them, saying they were "Islamophobic".
To listen to them, "she didn't deserve the beauty Allah gave her". Then this morning at 5 am, on the square in Clichy, five bearded Salafists attacked the Tunisian ex-femen Amina Sboui. They shaved her head and eyebrows, insulted her while telling her that her rape would be a good action. She was only able to escape them by swearing to them that she would put herself back on the righteous path of Islam.
Source: Nouvel Observateur

This seems to be based on what she has posted on her Facebook page in not very good French.

At 5 am in Clichy square 5 individuals started to insult me they forced me to leave the metro, call friends who were with me to say I had got home OK! they trap me in the street I scream , and no one stopped I didn't have battery to call the cops! they shaved my eyebrows hair while telling me I didn't deserve the beauty Allah gave me, they said filthy whore to me, we are going to rape you and Allah will thank us for that! and I started to beg them and tell them that I become Muslim again I read the Koran so they leave me I still haven't filed a complaint but I am going to do it soon! still in 2014 that is happening and in France, I can't believe it I'll keep you informed about what happens in the police station

UPDATE: She has now changed the time on her post to 6.15 am and has posted a photo of herself with shaved eyebrows and her hair still present


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