Wednesday, 16 July 2014

CiU [tn: main Catalan nationalist party] is trying to fish for votes wherever it can. The latest strategy of the party of Artur Mas has been to try the Catalan Muslim community. They want a mosque where they can pray to Allah and Mas dreams about obtaining a majority in the illegal referendum on 9 November. "If you support us in the referendum, you will get a mosque." That is how blunt the CiU has been, as various sources in the Catalan Muslim community have confirmed to the LA RAZÓN. "They and ERC [tn: left-wing Catalan nationalist party] are treating us as if we were on a honeymoon," they declare.

465,142 Muslims live in Catalan territories, that is to say, 6% of the population, according to a Demographic Study on Muslim Citizens 2013 developed by the Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de España [Association of Islamic Communities of Spain] and the Observatorio Andalusí. Of those, 100,121 have the right to vote. It is therefore not a trivial matter that the CiU has targeted this community that is growing continuously. In fact, in the last ten years it has grown from 30,000 to 400,000. And Barcelona is now the Spanish city with the largest number of Muslim inhabitants.

I've noted before that Muslims tend to latch on to (or start) separatist movements wherever they spread. Islam is inherently disintegrative of nations, seeking to supplant the natural unity of peoples with the artificial unity of ideology. This is part of what it has in common with modern Leftistm and the Religion of Equality that underlies it.

For those who don't know, the Catalan nationalist regional government is holding a referendum in November on whether Catalonia should become an independent state. Something similar is happening in Scotland, but there it is taking place with the consent and support of the UK government. In Spain, there is no such approval. The referendum has been declared unilaterally.

Years ago, I reported that there were plans to turn the Barcelona bull ring into a giant mosque. These stories have resurfaced recently. It seems the Catalan nationalists may be offering some shady deal behind the scenes.


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