Thursday, 19 June 2014

The international press has picked up on the lynching of the gypsy thief in France. Leftists are already trying to make political capital out of it, linking it to anti-Roma initiatives by the French government and anti-Roma statements by the Front National. As usual, the Establishment media is practising systematic deceit on this issue in favour of Equality Cult ideology.

The French government looks set to continue its controversial policies towards the country’s Roma community, despite growing criticism that they have created a “toxic atmosphere” which may have led to the savage lynching of a Roma teenager. 
“There is a toxic atmosphere in France at the moment, going right up to government level, which allows anti-Roma speech and behaviour. This violent attack against a young Roma boy is partly the tragic outcome of this,” said Violeta Naydenova of the Open Society Foundations.
Source: Telegraph

The most important thing to know is that Seine-Saint-Denis is the most immigrant-dense part of France. It is massively Muslim-colonised. So the perpetrators were almost certainly Mohammedan colonists, rather than indigenous French "racists". The district where the body was found, la cité des Poètes [Estate of the Poets], is notorious for criminal activity. Le Figaro also reports the suspicion that the criminals were sick of the police attention Roma thievery was bringing to the area.
Indeed, the cité des Poètes is well-known for its involvement in drug-trafficking. Criminals may have wanted to send a message to the Roma community, liable to attract the attention of the police authorities to the estate too often.
Source: Le Figaro 

So indigenous Europeans are being preyed on by two sets of alien predators: Afro-Mohammedan drug-dealers and Roma thieves. Yet when the two sets of aliens clash, the incident is invoked by the powers-that-be to stigmatise the European people further and beat down European patriots some more.


  1. Guerra étnica tras el intento de linchamiento de un adolescente rumano en Francia

    La tensión entre minorías en zonas urbanas sensibles en todo el país ya desató una grave crisis en 2005

    Una madre francesa DE ORIGEN ARGELINO (kabilio, berebere) comenta: «En el barrio viviamos tranquilos, hasta que llegaron los gitanos. Con ellos comenzaron los robos. Nadie nos protege».

    Un electricista francés DE ORIGEN MAGREBÍ, igualmente, declara a Le Monde: «Estamos condenados a hacer justicia por nuestra cuenta.