Sunday, 29 June 2014

With Ramadan arriving, French supermarkets have been quick to adapt their product offerings to their Mohammedan clientele. Special Ramadan sections have sprung up in the shops. Here, in the Carrefour supermarket in Sartrouville, we see a selection of Islamic books for sale, including jihad literature. One of the books, La Voie du Musulman [The Way of the Muslim] by Abû Bakr A-Jazâ'irî, explicitly justifies the use of violence against unbelievers, and not just for defensive, but offensive, purposes.
"Any type of jihad tends to proscribe any adoration other than that of the Only God" (…) 
"The art of war, not only with a view to repulsing any possible attacks of their enemies, but also to ensure the supremacy of the word of God."

This is the sort of stuff you can now buy in French supermarkets along with your baguettes and halal chicken!


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