Tuesday, 17 June 2014

So that the gatherings of supporters are accompanied by the best conditions and to prevent disruptions to public order, parking and traffic restriction measures will be taken during some matches. The first date on which the regime applies will be Tuesday 17 March.
It then goes on to specify the locations where people are banned from driving or parking on this day.
As a precaution, during and after the matches, it is recommended that you: 
- Remove bins and container from the public walkway 
- Take in your table stands, terraces and furniture.
Note the French football team is not playing on 17 March. But the Algerian team was. (Belgium beat them 2-1).

Source: Fdesouche.com


  1. El alcalde de Vitoria ordena que "se saque de la piscina" a quien se bañe con velo

    Cada vez más mujeres -muchas de ellas musulmanas- se meten a las piscinas cubiertas con ropa y velo


    El alcalde de Vitoria rechaza habilitar áreas para mujeres musulmanas en las piscinas municipales

    Se opuso a la propuesta de una plataforma que aglutina a ciudadanos musulmanes, de destinar una zona de las piscinas de la capital alavesa al baño de mujeres de esta religión, quienes pretenden hacer uso de la piscina vestidas y tocadas con el velo.