Saturday, 21 June 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Austria, which sparked mass demonstrations in Vienna, has drawn more sharp words from Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, who said the visit “clearly shows Erdoğan has brought his election campaign to Austria and has caused disorder.” 
“We refuse to accept this. The only thing I can say is that respect for a country does not look like this,” Kurz told journalists on June 19, after as many as 10,000 people demonstrated against Erdoğan’s visit, according to figures provided by organizers and local police. 
Kurz’s remarks came ahead of his meeting Erdoğan scheduled for June 20. The Turkish prime minister will meet the Austrian foreign minister before his departure for Paris, where he will meet with French President François Hollande. 
Erdoğan has been increasingly accused of autocratic tendencies in Europe and a similar trip to Germany last month ruffled feathers after he spoke out against the assimilation of Turkish immigrants. On July 19, he addressed a crowd of some 6,000-7,000 supporters from Austria’s 250,000-strong Turkish minority in a sports arena. 
A further 10,000 people watched his speech on a big screen outside the venue. Erdoğan is touring European countries with large Turkish populations ahead of a widely expected run for the presidency in August. 
Austrian police said they used tear gas spray after a “minor incident” when a bottle was thrown at the protesters in the Austrian capital, most of whom were from the local Turkish community. No injuries were reported. Austria’s government had warned Erdogan against making “provocative comments” and he appeared to heed the advice in his speech, telling the crowd that “no one has anything to fear from us.” 
During his address, Erdoğan said that Europe needed his country, trumpeting Turkey’s economic growth under his stewardship. “Europe does not end where the river Danube flows into the Black Sea, but begins where the Euphrates and the Tigris begin,” he said.
Source: Hurriyet

As you can see from this image, the Tigris and Euphrates start well into Middle-Eastern Asia, east of Syria, just north of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, the website of the Austrian foreign minister was hacked and defaced by a Turkish hacker group called Akincilar, who wrote the following in less than perfect German.

Who are you little man? You cannot decide how our prime minister has to speak. Prime minister Erdogan is the descendant of ancestors who penetrated as far as Vienna, the ground and earth. We are Akincilar! We are Osmanen! We are Turkey!

Source:     Via: EuropeNews


  1. I consider this era Biblical times. And, I do not mean Biblical end times, rather, these are times which illuminate the meaning behind the Holy Writ. For example, there are explicit instructions to do things or not to do things. In other words, a preacher observed that one notices that if the commands are followed then a lot of problems seen today are eliminated, that is, you recognize the virtues from Biblical behavior. Another observation is that barbaric, or, seemingly barbaric, passages from the Bible are increasingly understood. G-d did instruct the Israelites to completely annihilate various peoples and they did. These peoples are always very, very evil. When I read this article, when I read what these mohammadeans are doing in my country USA, Europe, India,etc. and when the reports from the areas taken over by muzzies of one kind or another, like the Levant, are read and fully comprehended, I now understand why certain people, tribes, etc. were totally and completely erased from the face of this beautiful Earth. These times are clarifying the words of the Bible.