Saturday, 21 June 2014

A teenage girl and 39-year old man who desecrated an Edinburgh mosque by attacking it with strips of bacon have both been jailed. 
Chelsea Lambie, 18, from Paisley, was sentenced to 12 months and Douglas Cruikshank, from Galashiels, to nine months. They attached bacon to door handles and threw strips inside Edinburgh's Central Mosque on 31 January 2013. Cruikshank pled guilty. Lambie was found guilty after denying the charges. 
Sheriff Alistair Noble, at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, said: "It does not seem to me there is any way to deal with this case other than by custody."  
During an earlier trial, the court heard a Blackberry mobile phone was found in Lambie's clothing when she was arrested at her boyfriend's house. 
Messages sent on 31 January included: "Going to invade a mosque, because we can go where we want."  
A text to the phone asked: "What you do last night?" The reply was: "Went to the mosque in Edinburgh and wrapped bacon round the door handles, opened the door and threw it in ha ha ha."

Source: BBC

It is clear that the legal system is now being used as an instrument of ideological tyranny, just as it was in the old east bloc. There is no conceivable justification for imposing a one-year prison sentence on an 18-year-old girl for throwing some bacon into a building. People who commit serious crimes like robbery get lower sentences than that. The governments of Europe are waging war on their own peoples by repopulating their countries with aliens and using the persecutory power of the state to crush anyone who even dares to make an adverse comment about it.

UPDATE: Richard Dawkins has called this "mad" and "contemptible".
But dedicated atheist Dawkins failed to see the seriousness of the offence, after posting a series of messages, including: “who (apart from the pig) is damaged by bacon?”  
Dawkins first wrote: “How can you be jailed a year for nonviolently draping bacon on a door? Law contemptible gives standing to “offence”.  
He then posted a clip of an iconic Monty Python sketch where students are taught to defend themselves against fruit, adding: “Right! How to defend yourself against a man who attacks you with a slice of bacon!”  
He then wrote: “Who (apart from the pig) is damaged by bacon? How can this possibly justify a year in jail? Law gone mad.”  
He then added: “Incitement to violence is a crime. But bacon is hugely less inciting than “Behead those who insult Islam”. Jail for a year? Double standard.  
“Yes the bacon smearing was a very nasty thing to do. But it “neither broke a leg nor picked a pocket” & a year in jail is ludicrously harsh.”
Source: Scotsman


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