Saturday, 31 May 2014

This is from a textbook designed to help would-be teachers in France pass the teaching exam:

What does it mean to be a European today? Fundamentally, it means being the heirs of:
- the Jews, and their notions of freedom of choice, illustrated for the first time in the myth of Adam,
- the Greeks, from whom we have our requirement for rationality, which forms the foundation of any scientific undertaking,
- the Christians, who taught us the essential equality of all human beings,
- finally the Arabs who showed us the example of community solidarity. 
Only in this way will our children know who they are. 
All of this must be conveyed through the teaching of history, the history of arts, but also, of course, through the teaching of French (the literary heritage), mathematics and science (our tradition of rationality).

Source: Fdesouche


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