Wednesday, 21 May 2014

One of the claims Jews constantly make is that characterisation of them as being disproportionately wealthy or disproportionately influential is evidence of "antisemitism". As is customary in Oriental discourse, what is missing is a concern with objective truth. It is either factually true or factually not true that Jews are disproportionately wealthy, and that state of affairs can be determined by examining the evidence. Influence is harder to measure but few would dispute that wealth ultimately translates into political influence.

As this article in the Jewish Chronicle demonstrates, Jews make up approximately one fifth of the 100 richest people in Britain, despite being only 0.5% of its population. So the claim that Jews are disproportionately wealthy and therefore have a disproportionate political influence would appear to be factually true.


  1. That's because they are clever and successful.
    Are you jealous?