Monday, 12 May 2014

The 33-year-old was dragged into common close in Edinbeg Avenue, Toryglen and raped by three men. Police said a man got out of a car - possibly a white or silver BMW - and forced the woman into doorway. Two other men, who the victim believes were also in the car, then attacked her. 
It happened between 12am and 3am on Saturday. The gang made off and the victim managed to make her way home. Although she did not require hospital treatment, the woman has been left "extremely distressed" by the incident.  
Detective Chief Inspector Sharon MacGregor, said: "Extensive inquiries are taking place by a team of dedicated officers. "We are carrying out door to door enquiries and checking all available CCTV in order to trace the men responsible for this assault.  
"I would appeal to anyone who saw or heard a disturbance in Edinbeg Avenue in the early hours of Saturday to contact police. "I would also ask anyone who saw three Asian men in a light coloured car, in the area around Edinbeg Avenue to contact officers."  
A massive police operation is now underway to trace the attackers. Police said the three suspects are described as Asian and in their 20's.  
Chief Inspector Carol McGuire, said: "I would like to reassure the public that we have and will continue to have extra uniform patrols in the area. "Anyone with any concerns should speak to an officer. "A crime of this nature is very rare in what is a tight knit community."

Source: Herald

I've noted before that group-based sexual offices are, overwhelmingly, trans-racial crimes. This is because our empathy for other people is conditioned by our genetic similarity to them. A crime like gang rape involves a complete sundering of the bonds of empathy, so it is very rare to encounter it among ethnically homogeneous people. When I started to read this story, I knew the perpetrators would turn out to be aliens. And so they were.


  1. None of the reports have said what race the victim was. If she was Asian would you have automatically assumed her rapists were white, or would you have found a different group of "aliens" to stigmatize?

  2. Obviously if the victim was of pakistani decent for example the point is that it would be unlikely the rapists would also be oc pakistani decent. Really was not a very difficult concept to comprehend, is there possibly a language barrier holding back your understanding of simple concepts. I hope when they catch this scum they are destroyed in our prison system.

  3. I know the victim and background and doubt the story as it was blurted out in an argument with her partner as he accused her of sleeping with someone else. Her behaviour since is questionable as a 'victim'. If left so distressed why was she out wandering only a week later in barefeet and onsie at 3am and partner and friend were out looking for her?