Friday, 4 April 2014

A few years ago, the German banker and Socialist party senator Thilo Sarrazin caused a sensation in Germany with his book Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab [Germany is unmaking itself], in which he pointed out the catastrophic effects Muslim (mainly Turkish) immigration was having on Germany. He was hounded out of his job almost immediately, but the book went on to become a bestseller.

Now something similar is happening again. This time the truth-telling about Turks is coming from ... another Turk. The Turk in question is Akif Pirinçci, who was born in Turkey but moved to Germany as a child. He is a successful novelist and his books have been translated into many languages and sold millions of copies. 

The book is called "Deutschland von Sinnen" [Germany out of its senses]. It is part love poem to Germany and part strident denunciation of the Turks who have colonised it and yet despise it and the multicult Establishment that has facilitated their invasion.

Here is a quote from the book:
It is a scandal that the indigenous population is insulted as a mob of reactionaries, Nazis, yes even would-be murderers as soon as they want to have a say in which type of person gets to live in their own country with them and which doesn't. Immigrants are not tourists. This is still Germany and not Circus Roncalli.

This book, too, has become a bestseller. It is number 1 on Amazon's sales ranking. Yet many real-world German bookshops don't even have it on display. It is suspected that political pressure has been applied to them to keep it out of sight.

The German Establishment has reacted to the book in predictable fashion, comparing it to Mein Kampf and calling the author a Nazi.