Thursday, 10 April 2014

A confidential report of the intelligence services, of which Le Figaro has acquired knowledge, reveals that, in an insidious manner, a type of identitarian closing-in is coming to light in some educational institutions. 
Wearing of the veil in the schoolyards, demands for halal meals in the canteen, chronic absenteeism during religious festivals, clandestine prayers in the gymnasiums or corridors... In an insidious manner, Muslim communitarianism is seeking to gain territory within the French educational system. A confidential report of the intelligence services, which has been brought to Le Figaro's attention, draws up an enlightening picture of the facts. This document, which is about 15 pages thick and dates from 28 November last year, is littered with around 70 precise examples across all of France. All are revealing and sometimes surreal. 
Dissecting with a scalpel a phenomenon suggestive of "isolated initiatives" capable of "destabilising the teaching teams", the police reveal how the disciples of the "rigorous Islamic tradition" try to thwart the March 2004 law banning religious signs in the school. Embarked on a war "of attrition" faced with which the teachers are powerless, self-proclaimed "young guardians of orthodoxy" exercise pressures on young Muslims even at the heart of some institutions. 
"During religious festivals, especially Aid-El-Kebir", classes are deserted by the pupils," underlines the report, which reveals rates of absenteeism touching 90% in the sensitive districts of Nîmes or Toulouse. In Marseilles, a headteacher of a secondary school in the north districts says that some of his pupils pray such such fervour that they have a "blue forehead".
Source: Le Figaro


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