Saturday, 12 April 2014

We need a serious, powerful and coherent proposal for a criminal policy against racism and crimes of hate, which includes the study and monitoring of the phenomenon, its prevention and, of course, its sanction. We need to promote opportune changes to the law that make it possible to seek to make unlawful those organisations that systematically infringe liberties and fundamental rights by disseminating ideas of ideological hate, public incitement or by means of organised propaganda activities that promote racial or ethnic discrimination. 
We must require the effective application of the Law of Parties urging the illegalisation of parties that are racist, antidemocratic and that promote racial discrimination, hatred and violence. In addition, we need a new regulation to penalise those who not only provoke but also publicly incite hatred and a support plan for victims of these types of crime. Work must also be done on prevention and to prevent the diffusion of ideas and messages that incite hatred by any means of communication or network. These actions must be prosecuted and sanctioned. 
For that reason we reiterate our promise to continue urging the creation of prosecutor's offices specialised in combating racial discrimination and crimes of hate. All members of the prosecutor's office, judiciary and the security bodies and forces of the state need to be sensitised, trained and informed about the typology, characteristics and needs to combat these types of crime.

The one thing that continues to amaze me is the human capacity for self-deception. It appears to be absolutely limitless. It really is possible for people to do the most atrocious things and yet convince themselves they're doing good. Without the slightest trace of irony, people really can demand that political parties be declared illegal because they are "antidemocratic". Fortunately, the Socialists are currently in opposition in Spain. But I'll suppose they'll get back in some time. They already provoked a civil war with initiatives like this. Maybe they'll provoke another.


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