Thursday, 3 April 2014

I've noted before how the aliens colonising Europe seem to feel they have some kind of moral entitlement to prey on Europeans, and that the role assigned to Europeans is to act as passive and unresisting victims. When Europeans refuse to play this role, the aliens are outraged. For example, the riots that we see around Europe are often sparked by an alien being killed in the course of committing his crime. The same pattern is repeating itself in the Netherlands. Last Friday, in Deurne, two Moroccan colonists were shot and killed by a jeweller when they tried to rob her shop. The state prosecutor has not charged her with a crime, saying that it appeared to be a case of self-defence. Needless to say, the Moroccan colonist population is not happy about this. Here we see them protesting against the decision, denouncing her as a "murderer".


  1. Sharia Law says for robbery, cut of left hand and right foot.
    Saudi penal code

  2. there is no such thing as Sharia Law in the Netherlands!! It is a brutal, animalistic law.