Tuesday, 1 April 2014

After the sharp increase recorded the previous year, the first two months of 2014 have been marked by a spectacular increase in the number of departures for Israel, according to statistics from the Jewish Agency. 
The emigration of French Jews towards Israel, which had increased by 70% in 2013 after a period of quiescence, has just experienced a new spectacular acceleration. According to the Jewish Agency, 854 French people made their Aliyah between the start of January and end of February 2014, compared to 274 the year before in the same period - which represents an increase of 312%. 
This rapid rise, whose precise caused remain to be analysed, is taking place while the Israeli government hammers home its desire to better welcome the Jews of France. While Aliyah from the USA seems stagnant, the Hebrew state is making eyes at France, whichhas the second largest Jewish community. 
Exactly two weeks ago, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu also presented a plan aimed at encouraging the Aliyah of French Jews.
Source: Le Figaro

Of course, when Jews deplore the insecurity the presence of Muslims has created for them, they will express no sense of penitence or responsibility for having pushed and propagated the anti-nationalist ideals that, enshrined at the level of government policy, opened the gates to the invasion. Nor will the Jews who dominate the Counterjihad movement, nor their paid goy lackeys such as Robert Spencer, Soeren Kern or Fjordman, see fit to mention it.

It's not obvious why Europeans should treat Jews as people with an equal moral entitlement to themselves. These people, over the course of thousands of years, have maintained a pattern of temporary residence in other people's countries, a pattern that continues into the present day. Jacques Attali, a Jew currently resident in France, and in possession of the administrative status citizenship allocated by the government of France, summed up the Jewish attitude very well when he said: "A country, it's a hotel." For Jews, our countries may very well be no more than hotels. But for us, they're our homes.

When the country where you reside is also the place where your ancestors have lived for hundreds or thousands of years and where you expect your descendants to go on living for hundreds or thousands of years into the future, you will see it very differently from those who may only have turned up within the last few generations and whose descendants may well have moved on to their next hotel soon. You are likely to be more sceptical of suggestions for dramatic change, such as repopulating the country with aliens or doing away with its historic traditions and culture in the name of some intellectual fad.

The argument here is essentially the same one that applies to the public vs. private ownership of housing. When people live in social housing, they have no permanent stake in it, so they do not participate properly in its upkeep. If they own the property, however, their attitude to it changes fundamentally, and they will take good care of it.

Having exhibited this behavioural pattern of "sojourning" in other people's countries for millenia now, Jews have no permanent stake in the countries they live in. This is evident in their behaviour when they disproportionately embrace wild, experimental ideologies that advocate the radical, destructive transformation of the societies they live in.

Why should Europeans go on taking the complaints and demands of Jews seriously when a large percentage of them openly admit* that they are considering leaving our countries and the government of their own ancestral homeland openly tries to induce them to leave? And, more particularly, when they make suggestions about how our countries should be changed, why should we listen to them at all, since they, very likely, won't be around to live with the consequences, but we, or our descendants, will?

*I saw something recently that said about 40% of Jews in France wanted to leave. I can't find the reference now. In fact, I thought it was in this same article that I part-translated above, but that information is not there now. Maybe the article was altered.

UPDATE: Yes, I was right. Here is a comment from the Counterjewhad movement on the Vlad Tepes blog.

Note that here he is implying that the indigenous French have deliberately brought in Muslim immigrants as a way to drive out the Jews. This is a preposterous conspiracy theory completely unsupported by evidence. But since anti-Europeanism is the dominant ideology of the world, you don't need any special evidence to support any wacko theories you want to develop in that vein. I confidently predict that Vlad Tepes will not be ostracised by the Counterjewhad movement for casually throwing out these anti-European hate memes without any evidentiary basis. 

By contrast, the claim that Jews are deliberately acting to alter the demographics of European countries, and that islamisation is one consequence of this, is supported by overwhelming evidence. However, if you dare to mention that fact, you can expect to be shunned not only by the Jews in the Counterjewhad movement, but even the goyim who have been intellectually and morally captured by their ideas and their influence. 

Jews react with ultra-hostility whenever they are criticised in any way, but Europeans are so cowed and beaten, so used to being constantly disparaged, that they now see it as perfectly normal and don't react at all. Think of all the Europeans who must visit the Vlad Tepes site, or Pamela Geller's site, where these hateful anti-European conspiracy theories are regularly trotted out. They don't react. They just accept it as part of the way the world should be. And all of the aliens conspiring against us know this. They know there will be no reaction. They know there will be no cost to them for casually indulging their hateful anti-European impulses. And so it goes on and on and on. We Europeans need to start reacting. We need to start defending ourselves, including intellectually, if anti-Europeanism is ever to be toppled as the world's dominant ideology.


  1. Fjordman a goy lackey?


    1. Erm, yes, I mean: this is his most recent article:
      I could cite more of his articles on Frontpagemag for examkple but this should suffice.

  2. And what does that have to do with him being or not being a goy lackey? He takes money from Daniel Pipes, a Jew, so, on pain of his money being cut off, he wouldn't point out the Jewish role in promoting immigrationism, which has been very significant in Sweden.

  3. "Vlad Tepes" is the author of the comment CZ quoted; this same VT commented at Jihad Watch (run by the David Horrowitz foundation, Horrowitz having been in his early days supportive of Communism and the Black Panther movement) that "Zionism will save the world." (Probably a reference to Tikkun Olam, the Judaic idea of 'repairing' or 'fixing' the world which means, of course, that this be done in accordance with Jewish values and laws and, in so doing, will prove beneficial to Jews. He may also have meant that he perceived Zionism as ethnic patriotism, a quality which is regarded as verboten when manifested by Caucasians and Christians.)

    Re the idea that "Jews are fleeing Europe": this has been put about from the earliest days of the so-called "counter-jihad" movement. People leave their own lands (whether as genuine native peoples or merely 'sojourners') for a number of reasons, not only fear: better job opportunities elsewhere, retirement, lure of different lifestyles and countries' cultures, wish to be with extended families and, of course, realisation of their own country's negative social/economic/political developments. British people, numbering in the millions, have left Britain in the past two decades. Looking at the VT blog, one sees that the Israeli government is facilitating Jewish immigration from Europe and probably regards the idea of a deliberate threat against Jews in Europe to be helpful to its immigration policies, much as the Zionists did with trying to encourage European Jewish emigration before and during WWII and in fact collaborating with the German government in the Transit Agreement. On the question of loyalty and commitment to one's own country, Orthodox Jews in Israel refuse to serve in its armed forces (the Daily Mail recently highlighted such a protest by 100,000 Orthodox Jews in Tel Aviv which brought the city to a halt; they represent about 15% of the overall Jewish population). At Gates of Vienna (one of the central pro-Jewish "cj" sites and which financially supports and works with Vlad Tepes) a commenter stated that Israel's late PM, Ben Gurion, had struck a deal with Orthodox Jews whereby they did not have to serve in the military, probably in return for their electoral support. This commenter also mentioned how many American Jews emigrated to Israel (keeping their US passports in case they needed to leave Israel quickly) and these were amongst the main 'settlers' groups who, by deliberately building on land in contention and then being required to vacate their properties, with suitable recompense from the Israeli government, were turning a tidy profit). This wave of Jewish "immigrants" was highest during the 1960s and 70s when draft dodging was at its height (to avoid service in the US's war in Vietnam). So, it would seem that the idea of fleeing from supposed persecution in Europe has aspects not openly acknowledged by those circulating it, especially among the "cj" crowd.