Sunday, 6 April 2014

I came across this article about Ezra Levant and was struck by his admission of the Jewish role in suppressing free speech in Canada. It's not a new article. It came out in January last year. But Jewish admissions of fault are as rare as Muslim admissions of fault, so perhaps we should carve it in tablets of stone to ensure its proper preservation?
Ezra Levant is retelling his favourite story: the one where he’s the hero. However, the hour-long monologue about the plucky kid from Alberta who dares to speak truth to power is really more of a dramatic performance. Pacing the stage of a community theatre north of Toronto, the 40-year-old broadcaster, author and columnist darts and cringes, waving his arms and pulling faces as he unspools a tale of fascist clerics, zombie bureaucrats and holy free-speech warriors. Levant’s version of his battle with the Alberta Human Rights Commission over his 2006 decision to publish controversial drawings of the Prophet Muhammad in his now-defunct Western Standard magazine is epic stuff, filled with references to his “ordeal,” “interrogation” and “900-day trial.” And more than enough broadsides to satisfy an audience of 200 who have paid $25 per grey head to hear the closest thing that Canada has to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh lecture on “Political correctness and the rise of Islamism.” 
“I showed the cartoons like a prosecutor would present evidence, so people could make up their own minds. We’re all adults in this country,” he proclaims, voice rising to an excited register that makes him sound uncannily like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. But somehow, he says, that was all lost on the Calgary imam, who took offence to seeing the founder of his religion depicted wearing a bomb as a turban, and filed a formal complaint. “He was madrasa-educated. He came from Pakistan, with those medieval values, those censorship values, those burn-it-down values.” 
There are murmurs and nods of agreement in the house. Then comes the bait-and-switch moment. Speaking at an event sponsored by the Jewish women’s group Hadassah, where the evening’s proceeds are all going to fund relief work in Israel, Levant suddenly rounds and bites the hand that has laid out the impressive dessert table that waits in lobby. The people to blame for the “illiberal and un-Canadian” human rights laws and tribunals he’s been crusading against for the past seven years are well-represented in the theatre. “It came from us. I mean the Jews, my friends.”

... As the audience fidgets, he careens down yet another verbal alley, pulling the names of ancient neo-Nazis and details of their street-corner anti-Semitism from memory. In the years after the Holocaust, it was the Jewish community’s obsession with creating a legal framework to punish these “schmucks and losers” that has led Canada to where it is today. A place, Levant contends, where fundamental freedoms are under attack from waves of newer immigrants with less tolerant outlooks who use publicly funded bodies and the courts to wage their own “soft jihad.” The solution he offers is simple: dismantle it all, and let everyone have their say, no matter how hurtful or offensive. “You cannot pass a law just for your own team,” he says. “If we want freedom of speech, it’s the one gift that we have to give to our opponents.”
Source: Macleans

Levant is generally considered part of the Counterjewhad movement. He just received an award, for example, from one of its European offshoots. Levant is allowed to criticise Jews without facing sanctions because he is one of the Chosen People himself. But if anyone non-Chosen dared to point out the same set of facts, Jewhad would, of course, have to be declared against them forthwith.


  1. Naming the Jew is so popular now that even the Jews are getting in on it. Step it up,people. These Jews are not only our mortal enemies but our direct competitors.