Sunday, 6 April 2014

Don't know what the Hebrew means, but the French says:

We will repeat it always: assimilation and mixed marriage have cost more Jewish lives than the Shoah!

This was posted on the Twitter account of the Ligue de Défense Juive (Jewish Defense League France).



  1. I would say "good" but since the "Hollowhoax" is a fabrication and the number of deaths are way over stated, there's probably an element of truth to this statement. What irony, a Jew telling the truth! What my HS chemistry teacher referred to as "compensating errors".

  2. You think,Jews? You think? Maybe it's kind of like the White genocide you're facilitating with propaganda,film, and collusion after the fact by censoring the race of crime perps? Oh, your people are dying out?


    You're just afraid of losing your "privilege". You're just threatened by goyim.

    "Muh six million!!1!1!1"


    Oh, and the hebespeak says "Yehudim Auhbim Yehudim", I think. Not sure what that means, you can try translating it somewhere.