Friday, 4 April 2014

The Spectator is Britain's leading "conservative" magazine. It has a few decent writers who occasionally make worthwhile contributions to public debate about immigration and Islam, including Ed West, Douglas Murray and Rod Liddle. Last year, I was thinking about subscribing to the magazine, but I was put off when Fraser Nelson, the magazine's editor, published a ridiculously pro-immigration, pro-Islam article in the Telegraph. He's at it again in the Telegraph today. It's worth reading through in full because it's rare to find such a perfect example of the delusional nature of our ruling classes.

Whenever some facet of unwelcome truth emerges, something that contradicts the Establishment line that diversity is a great thing and Islam a religion of peace, journalists like Fraser Nelson step up to man the barricades and beat back the uncouth proles who may have crazy thoughts like: "Islam is savagery" or "Europe would be better off without brown people". That's what's going on here. The starting point for the article is the story, now finally picked up by the BBC after being reported elsewhere some time ago, that Muslims tried to infiltrate, take over and islamise many schools in the Birmingham region.

So here is Fraser Nelson with his "nothing to see here, move along please" line.

The integration of Muslims can now be seen as one of the great success stories of modern Britain. While the Dutch and the French have huge troubles with integration, and are caught in agonised struggles about their national identities, Britain is marked out by the trouble that we are not having. Dig a little deeper, and the real story is the striking amount of harmony.

He trots out all the usual cliches. Here we have some interesting vignettes of Jewish-Muslim collaboration, a recurring historical pattern.

Last year, for example, the Jews of Bradford were facing the closure of their synagogue. Its roof was leaking, and the few dozen remaining regulars could not afford the repairs. Its chairman, Rudi Leavor, made the decision to sell the building and face up to it being transformed into luxury flats. As things turned out, the synagogue was saved after a fundraising campaign led by a local mosque. Zulfi Karim, the secretary of Bradford’s Council of Mosques, now refers to Leavor – who fled the Nazis – as his “newfound brother”. He gave his support, he says, to protect the diversity of Bradford.
After the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last year, skinheads went on the march in hope of stirring up a reaction against Muslims. It was the perfect moment, given how high feelings were running. The next week, a mosque in Muswell Hill, north London, was burnt down – an act that might, in other places, have started a cycle of reprisals. But here, the Muslims were given shelter by the local Jewish community, who offered space, laptops and whatever support was needed. Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner said she was proud to help “our brothers and sisters of the Muslim community, emotionally and physically”.

Anyone serious about either religion will know that they both worship the same God – and their stronger ties are, in part, forged by the knowledge that they have a common enemy in secularism. The kind of secularism that would stop people wearing crucifixes and skullcaps in public, as well as the niqab. When the Council of Europe came out against religious circumcision, it was natural that Manchester’s sizeable Jewish community would protest. But less expected for Manchester’s Muslims to join them. Both have plenty to fear from the abridgment of religious freedom in a Britain that is – by some measures – the least religious country in the rich world.

This claim that the Christian, Islamic and Jewish gods are the same is a key element of Muslim theology. Muslims claim that Mohammed perfected and subsumed the previously existing religions of Christianity and Judaism. This claim, however, is rejected by mainstream Christian and Jewish theologians. So Nelson here is implicitly accepting the Islamic worldview.

The Muslims who gathered to protect a mosque in Egypt now seem destined for immortality in the repertoire of multicult cliches, even though their once-only action served no real practical purpose since the churches were attacked anyway and Christians continue to be persecuted there.

When the Coptic Christian church in Cairo came under attack from jihadis, Muslims formed a human chain to deter bombers.
The BNP gave up on racism some years ago, and has since moved on to Islamophobia. It’s understandable – you can pick almost any country on the Continent to see a market for all of this. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders is at large, likening the Koran to Mein Kampf and referring to Islam as a “Trojan horse in Europe”. His party, PVV, is now at the top of the opinion polls. Marine Le Pen’s Front National, which warns now and again that Islamic culture will subvert French civilisation, has just had a breakthrough in the recent elections.
But in Britain, Islamophobia simply does not exist as a political force. We just don’t have Muslim youths rioting in suburbs, as you see in Paris. When London riots, the city comes together like a Benetton advert. 

The claim that British people are more well-disposed towards Islam than those awful continentals is just false. Even Baroness Warsi admitted that fewer than 1 in 4 British people think Islam is compatible with their way of life. So what Nelson is really boasting about is that the British ruling class has been able to successfully repress any overt political expression of this sentiment; in other words, he is proud that the democratic will of the people has been thwarted. 
His claim about the London riots is equally false. Television images of the major riots a few years ago showed that almost all of the looters were negroes. A clear majority of those convicted of riot-related offences were also negroes. But people like Nelson simply have no regard for the truth in pushing their multicult agenda. They are as incapable of admitting that their Equality Cult dogmas are false as Muslims are of admitting that Mohammed was a paedophile.


  1. I see that the Telegraph closed all comments after only 44 of them, the majority of which were outraged and disgusted by Nelson's obeisance to Islam and Moslems, and those comments elicited individually many hundreds of "recommends' by other readers, so, all is not lost. Cometh the man, cometh the hour... No, I am not referring to elections. The British are always slow to act. Elections, referendums, etc, are all distractions (and intended to be so) from what eventually will be the hard work, and victory, over ALL the "enemy within." In the meantime, save your money --- the Spectator is where DT scribblers roost and the DT itself lost 12% of its readership in 2012; judging from comments I read on many of its articles, the dwindling readership realises that newspaper is now merely a propaganda organ of the political parties (and the forces behind the curtain which actually rule Britain).