Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The question of whether a cross can be hung up or not must be asked more often in future. The current figures from Vienna, which Die Presse has access to, show this. More precisely, there are more Muslims than Catholics in total currently attending the lower secondary schools. Specifically, there are 10,374 children and youths of the Islamic faith and 8,632 schoolchildren of the Roman Catholic faith.
Source: Die Presse Via: Unzensuriert


  1. http://washingtonexaminer.com/pew-white-majority-over-next-generation-more-than-50-non-white/article/2546219

    Pew: White majority over, next generation more than 50% non-white

    At a briefing for congressional aides hosted by the moderate Republican Ripon Society, Pew Research Vice President Michael Dimock said that the trend among younger Americans is support for government programs and acceptance of Democratic Party policies.

    “Their tendency is more liberal, their tendency is bigger government,” he said of so-called “millennials” born between 1979 and 1995. They will likely set the trend for the still-unnamed next generation.

    “This is a generation that is 41 percent non-white; the generation behind it is likely to be close to 50 if not more than 50 percent non-white, and the anti-government kind of tone is one that really doesn’t resonate with that non-white sector in particular,” said Dimock at the Ripon retreat.

    His advice to the GOP: “Try to take as much of the anti-government rhetoric out.”