Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I've been thinking a lot of about the meaning of the term "racist". The word has such a broad range of meaning that some definitions would apply to everyone in the world, while some would apply to no one. So we have a word so vague in meaning as to make it essentially worthless for the purposes of serious communication. The only way to make it useful would be to supply the exact definition you had in mind each time you used it. But no one does that. What then does it mean when someone says "I'm not a racist", or bleats about how they are "non-racist", as UKIP in the UK, for example, pitifully does? I translate it as: "Please don't hit me boss. I accept the conceptual foundations and moral parameters of your system and do not intend to challenge them. Please don't hit me." It really has no meaning other than this.

The same could be said of the other words used to convey the Oriental guilt concept: "Antisemitic", "Islamophobic". "Please don't hit me boss." Unless Europeans can free their minds from this guilt complex, their way of life will not survive. And that's where the Counterjihad movement reaches its limitations, because it does not seek to repudiate the guilt concept, only to redefine its parameters. Jew-cowed and guilt-tripped, these people have no hope of saving us.


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