Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The current Australian government plans to roll back some of the "hate speech" laws that have done so much to constrain discussion of immigration-related issues. Today the Guardian has an article denouncing this plan written by one Michael Danby. Danby isn't an obviously Jewish name, but wherever the suppression of European free speech is being proposed, if you look closely, you will usually find Jewish involvement. So I googled him and found what I expected to find.
He was President of the Melbourne University Student Union as well as President of the Australasian Union of Jewish Students. From 1980 to 1983 he was an Australian Army Reserve officer cadet with Officer Cadet Training Unit, 3 Training Group, based at Albert Park and Puckapunyal. 
From 1979 to 1983 Danby was manager of Halmaag Art Galleries in Malvern. He was Assistant Private Secretary to Barry Cohen, a minister in the Hawke government 1983-84, and Editor of the "Australia-Israel Review" (published by the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council) from 1986-93. 
... Danby was the only Jewish member of the Australian Parliament from 1998 to 2007, when Mark Dreyfus, also from the ALP, was elected. This was followed in 2010 with the election of Josh Frydenberg who is a Liberal. All three represent electorates in Victoria. He has frequently spoken in support of Israel. 
...In 2005 Danby was critical of a book by a Sydney Jewish atheist journalist, Antony Loewenstein, about the Australian Jewish community and its attitudes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which he regarded as anti Israeli propaganda.[16] In a letter to the Australian Jewish News, Danby called on the book's publisher, Melbourne University Press, to "drop this whole disgusting project." He also called on the Jewish community to boycott the book.
Source: Wikipedia

When will Jews accept that the antagonism felt to them is the result of their own actions and not some mythical irrational evilness? Jews are actively harming the interests of European peoples by promoting the suppression of their freedoms and attempting to alter the demographics of their countries against their will. Those who become aware of this pattern of activity inevitably feel indignant about it. There is no mystery here. There is no "ancient evil" at work. It is a simple conflict of interests between different peoples living in the same land. But one of the peoples has a moral entitlement to that land and the other doesn't.


  1. I agree with you except for one thing. These are leftist Jews, usually far leftist Jews, and unfortunately they outnumber Jews like me, who are virulently anti-Islam. These are the same kind of Jews who didn't see the Nazis as their enemy and refused to get out of Europe when they could have. It is this same mindset that thinks Muslims are no different than they are…right up until they get their throats slashed by them.

    While I disagree with your POV that leftist Jews are responsible for the Muslim immigration problem in Europe, mainly because there are not that many of them in positions of power to make those decisions. But they don't speak out against the Muslim immigration problem either, just like many of their fellow Europeans.

    I can't change the way they think and they hate me because I bash them all the time for their views. I apologize. We aren't all like that.

  2. I don't think Jews are responsible for the problem. They are partly responsible for promoting anti-nationalism as a moral ideal, and islamisation is the consequence of that.

    Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ of 112-115. That allows them to achieve disproportionate representation in any profession that correlates with intelligence: politics, journalism, academia, business ownership. These are the commanding heights of a society that shape its future direction. So Jews are able to exert an influence that is out of proportion to their numbers.

    It is understandable in some ways that Jews should see anti-nationalism as a desirable ideal from the perspective of a diaspora community. That doesn't make it acceptable from the perspective of the indigenous people. As you say, clinging to the ideal once its consequences become obvious - islamisation being the worst of them - is culpable foolishness.

    What is truly indefensible, though, is the way that Jews tend to rally round their own regardless of any other consideration. The Jews in the Counterjihad movement shunned me as soon as I began to point out the aspect of Jewish culpability in what is happening to us. You are the only exception to that. And for that you deserve respect. You have more character than any of them.

    1. To tell you the truth, I am not happy about all the anti-Jewish posts you've been making lately but in reading them, I kind of understand your point because I hate their position re: Muslims as much as you do. I disagree about their anti-nationalism positions, at least in the U.S. I don't know of any Jews who put Judaism or Israel before America. All the men in my extended family have served in the Armed Forces by choice, they weren't drafted. And while we support the state of Israel unconditionally, we are Americans first and foremost.

      And I know I am not alone, there are many Jews like me.

      I would like to request that when you do stories about the Muslim sympathizing Jews, that you call them leftist Jews because they ARE Leftists first, before they are Jews. Most of them are actually Jews in name only. All the conservative (politically) Jews that I know feel exactly as I do about Muslims.

      I will continue to post 'Islam' related stories from your blog because you do great work.


  3. The problem is that it's not just leftist Jews. Even "conservative" Jews push immigration and restrictions on free speech. In fact, virtually all Jewish communal organisations and lobbies support the loosening of restrictions on immigration. It is their number one issue after support for Israel. Muslims form around a quarter or a fifth of the world's population. In that context it is obvious that if you have immigration you are going to get Muslims. And when you have Muslims, your society is going to be progressively islamised.

  4. Do you have any verifiable statistics on that? Because I've never seen it among conservative Jews. Just the opposite.

  5. Read this article in the Jewish newspaper Forward, for example:

    After months of delay, the U.S. Senate is set to vote on the most comprehensive immigration reform legislation in 27 years. And Jewish groups across the country are acting together in a way characteristic of the community on few issues besides Israel.

    “It’s about the right thing to do,” said Robert Gittelson, co-founder of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and a Republican. In op-ed pieces and interviews, Gittelson, a retired Jewish businessman from California’s San Fernando Valley, has called certain GOP strategies on immigration reform “un-biblical” and “cruel.”

    Those leading an active push for the bill, which will offer a path to citizenship for some of the nation’s 11 million undocumented aliens, include the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Bend the Arc and the National Council of Jewish Women.


    1. All of these groups are far left. The Forward itself is so far left, it's communist. Like Christian RINOS, there are Jewish RINOS, but not very many. Please understand, at least 70 - 80% of Jews in America are Liberal - Far Leftist. No doubt there are a handful of conservatives who join them on certain issues. But if you look at all the Jewish conservatives on talk radio and in the media, they are virtually all against amnesty and immigration reform.

      On the other hand, the immigration issue in the US focuses primarily on Hispanic illegal immigration. Unlike in Europe and the UK, nobody here is talking about the threat from Muslim immigration, except for in the communities in which Obama is dumping them and in blogs like mine. It is not a national story, the national media never cover the problems with Muslims. Only local media do, if at all, and then they try not to mention that the problem is because they are muslims.

      Despite the lies from Muslim pressure groups like CAIR, there are fewer than 3 million muslims in America, which puts them at about 1% of the population. When/if we reach 5% like the UK, you can be sure people will be talking about it. I daresay, more than half of Americans don't see Islam as a problem at all.

  6. BNI's reply to you, CZ, is similar to that of apologists for Islam, who will speak of the 'moderate' Moslem as opposed to the 'fundamental' or 'observant' Moslem; this line of debate always avoids the reality of the ideology at the core of its adherents' belief system, which is the genuine reason why its adherents, Moslem or Jewish, have either an openly confrontational or residual negative influence on their 'host' societies.

    1. Unlike all Muslims, I am not saying it is a tiny minority of Jews who are leftists, I said it is 70 - 80% of them who are repugnant leftists. Hardly a fair comparison to Muslims who always claim a teeny tiny minority.

      Nevertheless, because Jews make up such a small minority in every country in Europe, why do they have so much power as you claim? Why can't the majority Christians there stop them? Are you that weak?

  7. BNI: Two answers to your first question: money and a skewered narrative of supposed genocide. The first provides sources of influence over the public through media --- newsprint, TV, film studios, theatre, advertising --- through lobbyists in governments and organisations and pressure groups such as those mentioned in the Forward article --- and education, from the earliest years but especially so in the universities which are largely, as you would describe them, 'left'. And the holocaust narrative is used as the prime instrument of imposed 'guilt' on all Western peoples and their countries (rather profitably, too, given the amount of organised bodies which are funded through taxpayers' monies to inculcate this into future generations). There is also the freedom of speech aspect wherein several countries in Europe now regard 'denial' (i.e. questioning or debate on this_ to be a criminal offence. So far as I am aware, there has never been any protest against this by any so-called 'counterjihad' body although all of them would surely agree that 'islamophobia,' 'xenophobia', 'racism' and 'homophobia' are absurdities designed to silence freedom of speech and any criticism of Islam, multiculturalism, racial.nation displacement and sexual perversion. This is what acts to prevent Europeans, and Americans, from responding to the existential threats to their countries and peoples and Islam is only one of those threats.

  8. I can only speak for myself but I do go out of my way to call out Jews who are Muslim sympathizers and condemn them in the harshest ways possible on my blog. I do not know how it is in Europe, but in the US, Jews do not rely on Holocaust guilt for anything and you can be a denier here without being arrested. Jews here worked hard even in the face of quotas on Jews in American universities and outright bans on them in many corporations. The home I grew up in had been in a "restricted (to Jews) neighborhood. We didn't riot or protest in the streets, we worked hard and earned our way up the ladder of success.

    I still haven't seen a list of Jews in Europe who actually create and implement the immigration policies for each country which are allowing in floods of muslims. Do you have such a list? Because if Jews are responsible for the immigration problem, they must be working in high places in government to have that kind of power.

  9. BNI: You keep asking everyone else to do your work for you. As a blogger, I would have thought you would be up to the task yourself. As to "Jews in Europe who actually create and implement the immigration policies for each country which are allowing in floods of Moslems" (as you stated): many members of the present and past British governments (Straw, Blair, Cameron, Milliband and the influence of established Jewish organisations in proposing, drafting and helping to pass 'hate speech' and 'hate crimes' legislation will do to start you on your own investigation). As to the USA, the Washington Post reported that 60% of donors to the Democrat Party are Jewish and insiders estimated in the article that it was nearer to 80%; that political party being committed to 'open borders' and 'amnesty', it may be presumed these donors have helped to determine such a stance. Since you are critical of CZ's articles which are based on historical, independent and/or Jewish sources re the issue of Jewish involvement in European problems, you cannot be unaware of some of the sources quoted in comments to those articles. Remembering references to the Occidental Observer blogsite, I have just noted the many articles on its site under the topic 'Immigration' which should enlighten you and somewhat redress the balance on this subject. A far more open and honest approach is essential from all concerned parties.

  10. The Jews in Europe are your problem, not mine. I have no interest in wasting my time blaming a minority with limited political power other than people like you wanting to blame Jews for all the problems in your countries. I focus on Islam, period. When I come up against Jews who support them, I bash them in no uncertain terms. However, that does not consume much of my time.

    But if it makes you feel good to make Jews the scapegoats for all your problem, have at it.