Sunday, 30 March 2014

Konstanz [Constance] - Even before the premiere of the play "Das Märchen vom letzten Gedanken" [The Fairy Tale of Last Thoughts] about the murder of Armenians in the First World War, there is apparently anger about the show. Even the Turkish general consulate is said to have been involved. 
In a press statement, the Stadttheater [City Theatre] declares that Turkish demonstrators have exerted pressure to prevent the performance. "On 21st March 2014, Konstanz Theatre will perform a play about the murders of the Armenians in Turkey in 2015. For some days now the theatre has been placed under pressure to call off this performance," says the statement. 
The Turkish general consulate in Karlsruhe has pointed out to the theatre that simply using the term genocide is a publicly committed criminal act and requests that the theatre provide information about the opposing point of view before every performance. A demonstration has now also been registered in order to protest in front of the theatre against the show. Emails to the theatre insinuate that it had been influenced by Armenian propaganda and it was now politely requested that the show not be staged.
Source: Via: Unzensuriert

What do they mean by saying using the term 'genocide' is a criminal act? That is true in Turkey, but not in Germany. Are they implying Turkish law should apply in Germany or that Germans could be extradited to Turkey to face charges there?


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