Monday, 10 March 2014

In the Crimea, it seems the Jews are opposing the forces of nationalism - that is the majority Russians seeking to reunite with their own kind by doing away with the artificial borders that have been imposed on them. Jews oppose the nationalist instinct everywhere except Israel, and then they wonder why there is so much "irrational" antipathy to them. 

The Ukrainian Jewish community has appealed for help in the wake of the turmoil following the overturn of the government and invasion by Russia. 

Rabbi Misha Kapustin, head of the Reform movement in Crimea, said the situation in Simferopol was becoming more threatening by the day.  
In an email sent across the diaspora on Sunday, he wrote: “Our town, Simferopol, is occupied by the Russians. Help us, save our country, save Ukraine! Ask your government for help!”  
... Despite many in Crimea appearing happy with the Russian involvement, Rabbi Kapustin published an open letter calling for a continuation of Ukrainian sovereignty in the area.

Source: The Jewish Chronicle


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