Sunday, 2 March 2014

Amazon Germany has deleted from its catalogue all of the books published in the last year by the small independent German publisher Antaios. Bizarrely, it has refused to provide any explanation of why it has done this. Undoubtedly, though, the explanation must lie in complaints made by dedicated antifas about the politically incorrect material featured in these books. Let's be clear, here. This was hardly outright Nazi material, although there should be nothing wrong even with publishing outright Nazi material. This was serious political discourse on the outer margins of what is considered acceptable in Establishment conservative thought. The publisher's catalogue, notably, included a translation of the French writer Richard Millet's critique of political correctness, and a translation of a novel by Jean Rasparin (not the famous Camp of Saints, another one).

It's disturbing that Amazon is now yielding to demands for political censorship, especially as I was planning to publish my own book on Kindle. I may have to reconsider that now.



  1. Everything and everyone eventually caves, Europeans and European values are both in decline, which show how intrinsically linked they are.If and until Europeans are able to build a spirited defense of their people and values, this is simply another domino to fall, and others are perfectly lined up to fall right after.
    Is among these books his critique of PC?

  2. Swedish nation is most stupied nation in Europe. This is increable. Why they do nothing with this poison? Why people in Sweden vote on goverment who do nothing with that? ??? This is very sad to look on dying country. How gonna Sweden look like in the future??? Why people is not well educated??? It is never happen in inteligence well educated country!!!!!!!