Friday, 28 March 2014

A question that haunts me more and more is this: does a people that allows itself to be oppressed into extinction by its own exalted ethical standards even deserve to survive? If all you had to do to snap them out of their trance was press a button, would it even be worth doing? Would it be moral to do it? You could argue that letting them survive is almost an offence against life itself. Even if you hold the Jews responsible for casting the guilt spell that makes people embrace their own extinction - and I think that's a severe simplification - Europeans still prove susceptible to this guilt-based manipulation where non-Europeans would simply shrug it off or laugh at it. Do we even deserve to survive?


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  2. Yes, we deserve to survive. It is not the common European man, in the streets, that is being dominated by the disease of white guilt, but the elite ruling the European societies, an elite intellectualy, and most of all, emotionally, converted by the anti-racist «evangelization», whose ethics is essentially derived from the Christian mindset. That's the reason why anti-racism is so strong in Europe and not in societies that were not Christianized, such as India, Korea, China and Japan.
    But that is, it can never be too much stressed, the «conscience» of the ruling elite. Given the chance to vote for the «racists», the common man of Europe does actually seize it, as much as he listens the speech of these «racists». That's what happening, in different measures and contexts, in France, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, Holland.

  3. I don't think that's true, though. There are "racist" parties in most countries and they are generally small and marginal. People have internalised the ethical taboos our system and culture have created and are not willing to violate them, even if it means their own destruction.

    Or consider the Counterjihad movement. Even the non-Jewish parts of it in Europe are now essentially boycotting me because I now speak openly about the facilitating role Jews are playing in what is happening to us. These people obviously have some ethical standard that says "Must not say bad things about Jews" and are willing to shun anyone who violates it, even if that person could help them in their struggle to survive the threat of Islam. That is what I mean. When people place some abstract ethical consideration above their own survival, they have, in effect, consented to their own destruction.

    It is as if vegetarians let their child die of malnutrition because they didn't want to feed it meat.

  4. Modern society flattens peoples instincts. Thats just a base observation to conclude from there. Had we still people who have to trust their own instincts to survive, manipulating would not have been that successful.

    We have in europa a long history of totalitarian order in christian fashion. Most societies function around tabu subjects. So they installed some wicked taboos after ww2. WW2 was a huge shock and the taboos associated with it, "antisemitism" and later "rayyycissm" have been hammered all the decades through into each and every one from young age on. White guilt is another product of these taboos, following the charge of "racist" ancestors. The guilt tripping is run into the guilt lane that christianity carved into european souls (hereditary sin and all that insane poison).
    So all in all, europeans are charged and cannot escape intellectually, as they are busy learning their given school or career material. The media offers them no viewpoint to see behind the taboo and thus a small mainority only dares to search. Mostly people who do search behind this have too much time on their hands, no stable career and family duties. Mind also, societies thrive on conformity since christianity. In this world, so much confusing data is around, a worldview hard to develop. So the very large majority simply choses to conform to its next best guys, the schools' or the big media's wordlview. Who is keen on disrupting the social order around one self? No one is keen on this. So conforming to the mainstream is a virtue of keeping order, keeping society from plunging into chaos. These are all strong factors.

    I once saw a documentary on the stunning drive to conform to majorities views proven by by experimentations. The majority will always just go with the perceived majorities view. As long as media is able to keep most crucial data under wraps and pretend the majority clings to the established taboos, the majority will insist on its destruction through immigration. Should the media fail in this task and conflict and chaos with crime counter the peace keeping urge of conformity, the new political forces can gain credibility. Note that the urge to conform might as well persuade only superficially the individual might harbor or even hide only from others a new set of views that can run against the guilt tripping ethnocidal tendencies. We need chaos and worsening economies coupled with high etnocrime from invaders. Then the inner instincts can again take hold and burst out, saving europe from the invaders.

  5. It's shell-shock. This condition is a human frailty,not a White one. However, it is pretty much only Whites who can be shell-shocked by their own morals. Yes, we deserve to live, because a people that has the ability to learn,understand, and grow always deserves the chance to do so. We have come so far, and have much farther to go yet.

    What we have done shows us the way to what we can do.

    We can fight this suicidal death spiral.

    Those of us who WANT to live, will. Those who don't,will not. And the new White people will arise from the ashes of the old.

    I think it is a perfectly fair,and even beautiful, test.

    If you see through the Jewdoo Box's lies, you remember how things were and want them to be that way again, if you oppose the anti-White proposition that all White countries and only White countries must be flooded with non-White immigrants at replacement levels, then have children and live, and spread those beliefs to your children. Step over the corpses of those Whites who do NOT oppose the anti-White agenda and take whatever you need from their bodies and estates as they kill themselves before the darkies and illegal aliens can,use this to feed your White families.

    The path to survival is all very simple, almost completely instinctual even. Those who don't get it or don't want to,no, they don't deserve to live and will kill themselves. They are lost and will never even desire freedom or a healthy racial group no matter what happens. Those of us who WANT to live,and to be great,deserve to live and will do so.

    This is all Mother Nature,here. She cares about your actions, not your feelings. If you don't hunt, you starve. If you don't heal rapidly, you starve. If you don't interpret the tracks and signs on the ground well enough, you starve. And if you don't fight back when you are attacked, you get eaten.

    Fight back by having lots of White kids and teaching them about their folk and the realities of other races. Teach them to be honest and responsible and to look after their own kin and their elderly and young folk. We all have to prepare,and to begin to prepare our young for on-going and continuous racial holy war.