Tuesday, 25 February 2014

About 100 sub-Saharan immigrants have managed to jump the fence complex separating the Spanish exclave of Melilla from Moroccan territory, Civil Guard sources said Monday. 
The sources described the latest incident on the border as “very violent.” They said about 500 people had attempted to force their way across the border in the early hours of Monday morning. 
The immigrants used sticks and stones to storm their way to and across the barrier with members of the Moroccan security forces apparently taking refuge in the area between the two wire fences. The central government’s delegation in Melilla said the Moroccan security forces sought help from the Civil Guards. It said the 500 immigrants divided into two groups. It was not yet known if there were any injuries. 
This is the second border raid by sub-Saharan immigrants in a week. Some 150 illegal immigrants forced their way across the fence at Melilla, which is protected by razor-wire, last Monday. Fifteen sub-Saharan died trying to cross into the Spanish exclave of Ceuta earlier this month. They either drowned or were crushed when they tried to swim around a border wall that protrudes into the sea. 
After initially denying this was the case, the Spanish Interior Ministry eventually acknowledged that the Civil Guard had fired rubber bullets in the direction of the immigrants when they were in the water. Spain has called on Europe to help stem the rate of immigration into Spain.
Source: El País

Ever since the previous incident in which a few of the invaders drowned, leftists in Spain have been cultivating a climate of hysteria around the issue, implying that the Spanish border guards were responsible for their deaths. As a result, the border forces are on the defensive, wary of being dragged into more political disputes. They've been ordered to no longer fire rubber bullets, for example. The Africans have sensed this state of weakness and are taking advantage of it.



  1. Why are they looking so wel fed? And almost al men.. This is not immigration but colonisation...