Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Last year, I posted about the Spanish government's plans to offer citizenship to Jews whose ancestors had been expelled from Spain. The first stage of this proposal becoming law has now been passed. In a comment to this post, the Jewish Counterjewhadist SheikYerMami replied that:
The Jews won't be cuing up anytime soon.
But, in fact, it seems they are doing exactly that.
Spain’s embassy in Tel Aviv has been inundated with inquiries from Israeli citizens interested in obtaining Spanish nationality after it was announced that a proposal opening the citizenship doors to descendants of Sephardic Jews was filed in Congress. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s government has submitted the citizenship bill to lawmakers. If passed, it is estimated that around 3.5 million people who can prove their ancestry to the Jewish community that was expelled in 1492 could benefit. On Monday, the daily Haaretz published an editorial cartoon showing 17 people wearing Barça shirts and holding placards forming a line outside the Spanish Embassy.
Source: El País
Not since the names of Holocaust-era Swiss bank accounts was published in 2001 has a list been so hopefully scrutinized, as the new roll-call of surnames that might qualify, from Abadi to Zuaretz via Knafo and Mizrachi. Spanish citizenship would bestow upon Israelis instant access to European Union healthcare, work permits and cheap or even free higher education. As Monty Python famously pointed out, 'No one expects the Spanish Inquisition' – and I doubt that Spaniards know what will hit them if the bill becomes law.
Source: Haaretz This measure is based on a falsification of history. As I demonstrated in a series of posts (see here, here and here), Jews collaborated with the Muslims in their invasion of Spain and may well have instigated the invasion in the first place by reaching out to the Muslims for help in their disputes with Spanish Christians. For hundreds of years, the Spanish people were preyed on by the Arab invaders - terrorised, enslaved, raped and murdered - while the Jews flourished alongside their fellow Semites, often acting as their administrators. When the Spanish took their country back, they were entitled to exact retribution from the invaders and those who collaborated with them. Most other peoples would have engaged in an outright massacre. But the Spanish, being mild and Christian, contented themselves with expulsion, and even allowed the expellees to retain their property. The history of Jewish collaboration with Muslims during the invasion and occupation of Spain, like the history of Jewish involvement in Communism, has been largely suppressed from the popular accounts through which most people acquire their knowledge of the past. It is this ignorance that feeds the widespread sentiment that some great injustice was done to the Jews.` Apart from the falsification of history it is based on, several aspects of this plan are troubling. First it will create lots of dual citizens with no real loyalty to Spain.
Nevertheless, Weiss-Tamir is optimistic. “The new legislation will grant the citizenship automatically, without having to give up one’s other citizenship. That will be attractive to a lot of people.” Spanish law does not usually allow foreign nationals who become Spaniards to retain their original citizenship unless they are natives of neighboring Andorra and Portugal, or former colonies such as the Philippines or Latin American countries.
Source: Haaretz Second, certification that a person meets the requirements, it seems, is going to be left largely in the hands of the alien group itself. Here's the list of proposed requirements:
A certificate from the competent rabbinic authority, recognised legally in the country of habitual residence. Surnames of the interested party or the language family (ladino) [Ladino is a form of Judeo-Spanish, just as Yiddish is a form of Judeo-German]. A certificate from the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain attesting that the interested party is Sephardi. The inclusion of the application of their direct descendants in the lists of Sephardi families protected by Spain. The link or relationship of the applicant with a person or family mentioned in the previous section.
Source: El País And, of course, after the Jews, will come the Muslims. The Jews will continue their historic role of establishing some pernicious principle - such as separate religious court systems - which the Muslims and other groups of invaders are then able to exploit by calling for "equal treatment".
A century after the Jewish expulsion, the Spanish expelled a similar number of Muslims. When Spain welcomes those descendants back as well, they’ll be able to re-create the Middle East conflict right at home.
Source: Haaretz The more I contemplate history the history of our interaction with alien peoples, the more I see the strange synergy between Jews and Muslims, each working together, directly or indirectly, against the interests of Europe and Europeans.
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  1. But i don't think the number of jews that aim to obtain that crappy spanish citizenship is not higher than the number of 'latinos' aiming to obtain the same thing.

  2. so what
    they have the right

    the were EXPELLED from spain 1492

    justice must prevail
    and spain need their money nwo to get out of CRISIS

    do you agree ?'

    1. What a load of old bullshit. Are you really telling us that people who were removed 500 - 600 years ago from a country are entitled to a passport of the country they were forced to leave?

      This is nothing more than cranky far left cranks. Spain is being laughed at. And how does anyone actually prove their ancestry came from Spain. Its a charter for fraud

    2. well ..

      Yes , tim e has no importance

      and how could they prove it ???
      No way to prove it

      the spanish must assume the responsability of their ancestors actions
      it is as simple as this

      this would help DECREASE this IDIOT spanish nationalism ( or catalan .- basque etc ) and increment their level of intelligence a little bit due to diversity ( i am not sure they would open their mind )


    3. this would help DECREASE this IDIOT spanish nationalism ( or catalan .- basque etc ) and increment their level of intelligence a little bit due to diversity ( i am not sure they would open their mind )

      Wow, you advocating genocide? These brave spanish peoples are the only reason europe stil exists or we would be arabic by now. Every ppl have a right to exist. Thats true dversity!!

      If we going to setle bills from the past the world would not last a week. How about the palestinians? Plz enlighten us.

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