Monday, 17 February 2014

Around 30,000 Subsaharans are in Morocco waiting to be able to enter Europe illegally, most of them via Ceuta and Melilla, according to Spanish political sources. After the recent jump of the border fence in Ceuta, which for now is believed to have resulted in the death of 15 Africans who drowned in Tarajal beach, all reports emphasise the "enormous migratory pressure" that exists around the autonomous Spanish cities. In Morocco, there are "well structured criminal organisations" that transport and direct the thousands of immigrants fleeing their countries.

...The massive fence jumps, like the one that occurred on 6 February in Ceuta, are not organised by the mafias, although they do take place in organised fashion, coordinated by the groups of immigrants based in the nearby camps. On many occasions, the date on which an avalanche of this type is going to occur from Morocco is fixed days in advance and this information is known even among immigrants based in neighbouring countries. Our sources indicate, for example, that in Nuadibú (Mauretania), it was known four days in advance that a mass jump of the border in Ceuta was going to occur on 6 February, so that a group of Cameronians immediately set off to try and join this human avalanche.
Source: El País

The video at the top shows the Ceuta fence jump on February 6.


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