Sunday, 16 February 2014

Giving the Arabic language back the place it deserves in French education, this is the goal of the minister in charge, Vincent Peillon, who wants to reinforce the teaching of this language. ... "The teaching of Arabic was abandoned […] years ago, we are going to provide the resources required" for its reinforcement, declared the French education minister, Vincent Peillon, to the AFP on Thursday. This orientation "is cultural, but it is also, and everyone should understand it, the future of Europe and the future of France," he added. In this measure, Mr Peillon sees everything France could gain economically. Emphasising that "most of the developments are on the other side of the Mediterranean," the minister added that France should not rest on the sidelines while countries like Japan and China are rushing to this region. It's the other side of the Mediterranean that "is expecting growth. And we who have this common Mediterranean past, we would be absent, for ideological reasons. It's madness!", said Mr Peillon.
Source: Yabiladi


  1. A great project of the French political class is to do with the Maghreb what Germany has done with Eastern Europe.

    But who Peillon is, will surely interest you. A mad secularist " (i.e. : anti-Christian)... However, this obsessional egalitarian has not an equal scorn for all religions.
    (Cf. the paragraph "Une « morale laïque » chez les Peillon ?")
    (E&R is a pro-Muslim site. However, this article is written by Emmanuel Ratier. An excellent connoisseur of the republican sewers.)

    (Welcome back !)

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