Sunday, 23 February 2014

Following a complaint from MRAP, the writer and far-right ideologue Renaud Camus, appears today in front of the Paris criminal court for "incitement to racial hatred". The complaint is based on remarks made by the president of the Parti de l’in-nocence [play on words meaning both Party of Innocence and Party of Non-harmfulness], defended by an adviser to Marine Le Pen, during the first "Hearings on the islamisation of our countries," organised in December 2010 in Paris by the Bloc identitaire and Riposte laïque. 
"We're not talking about street thugs. We're talking about soldiers," whose objective is to make the "indigenous" whites flee, Camus said notably, hammering his refrain about the "Great Replacement", a fantastical theory according to which the French are in danger of being demographically ousted by non-European peoples.
Source: Libération
MRAP stands for Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples (Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples), and is an anti-racist French NGO, created in 1949.

It used to be called the Movement against racism, antisemitism and for peace but they dropped the antisemitism part in the 1970s. One of its leading founder members was the Jewish painter Marc Chagall.


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