Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mohammed Achamlane, leader de Forsane Alizza, had made multiple appeals to combat the Identitaires... [Identitarians, a regionalist/nationalist political movement in France] It was the 30 March 2012. 
A few days previously, Mohamed Merah had been shot down by the RAID [tn: anti-terrorist police]. The police then decided to organise a vast round-up in Islamist milieux. The main target was Forsane Alizza, also called "The Knights of Pride", a radical group dedicated to a fundamentalist Islam. The people arrested were questioned and imprisoned for association with criminals in relation to a terrorist enterprise and the acquisition of weapons. 
According to sources within the justice system, these disciples of jihad in France were planning to attack the newspaper Libération – which had hosted the editorial team of Charlie Hebdo, whose offices had been reduced to ashes by a fire bomb – but also an examining magistrate in Lyon as well as various people considered to be the steadfast enemies of the islamisation of France. 
It was in this connection that I received a call from the DCRI [tn: police intelligence service] informing that, as president of the Bloc Identitaire, I was one of the potential targets. It is true that Mohammed Achamlane, the leader of Forsane Alizza, had made multiple calls to combat the identitarians and that a counter-demonstration had taken place at the Hearings on Islamisation that we had organised with Riposte laïque in December 2010. 
Summoned by an anti-terrorist judge last week, I was thus able to receive confirmation of the threats that were pending against me. According to two witnesses, Mohammed Achamlane is also said to have asked one of his activists to contact me to try and assassinate me. Some of them appeared rather determined and were said to have made themselves available to the self-proclaimed emir for action. I also learned that they were looking to acquire personal addresses, especially those of the person behind the site Fdesouche. A threat to be taken seriously when it was learned that some members of Forsane Alizza were working for telephone operators. 
For a few months, the islamists had been increasing their training and had also succeeded in acquiring a small stock of weapons.
Source: Boulevard Voltaire


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