Monday, 17 February 2014

Last December, Madrid decided to grant Spanish nationality to Sephardi Jews who were victims of the Reconquista. By contrast, the descendants of Muslims expelled from Spain were not affected. Today, the Moriscos are also demanding reparations, denouncing a selective, even racist measure on the part of the Rajoy government. 
"The Spanish state has granted Sephardi Jews the right to benefit from Spanish nationality. It should recognise this same right for the rest of those who were expelled, the Moriscos. If not, its decision would be selective, not to say racist," declared Najib Loubaris,
president of the Memory of the Andalusis Association, reports the Spanish press agency EFE. 
...For the Memory of the Andalusis Association, Spain's decision to naturalise some victims of the Reconquista is "very positive", insofar as the Iberian power acknowledges having acted badly towards its citizens a few centuries ago. But the exclusion of the Muslims taints this good initiative, according to the association. 
According to Mr Loubaris, some Moriscos have recently taken individual steps to claim their right to Spanish nationality. They have even written to King Juan Carlos on this subject. What matters to the asssociation today, its official says, it not naturalisation for the sake of naturalisation, but rather the recognition of the historic memory of the Moriscos. Although they no longer ordinarily speak Spanish, he points out, the Moriscos have retained their original style of life, culinary traditions and clothes of their place of origin.  
The Spanish authorities have still not reacted to this completely legitimate demand. It should be noted that the King Juan Carlos has already apologised to the Sephardi Jews, without doing the same to the Muslims.
Source: Yabiladi

This is a good example of one of the pernicious effects that Jews have had on Europe. They make demands for special treatment, activate their global network and rewrite history to support those demands. Then, when they are finally granted, it sets a precedent that other, more numerous, invaders are able to use to their advantage. We have seen this same pattern repeat itself again and again: from kosher to halal slaughter, Jewish religious courts to Muslim sharia courts, etc.


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